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Win funding for your student group!

Every time you attend an election event, you will receive a ticket to enter in the drawing for $50 or $100 in group funding (great for T-shirts or pizza)!

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Fredonia American Democracy Project Committee Fredonia’s ALL-In committee is affiliated with the American Democracy Project (ADP) and shares the goal of educating students to become engaged and interested in civic issues through participatory democracy.  The ALL-In committee was formed to educate students about issues that impact voter participation and to encourage students to become well informed voters.

The ALL-In committee is embracing the broader goals of the ADP.  Moving forward, the ALL-In committee will be renamed the American Democracy Project (ADP) committee.

Fredonia was a 2003 founding campus of the American Democracy Project. ADP is a network of more than 250 state colleges and universities focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. The goal of ADP is to produce college graduates who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences they need to be informed, engaged members of their communities.

We are excited to work on ADP’s current initiatives including building student civic and information literacy in online spaces, involving students in considering solutions for addressing economic inequality, educating and preparing students to be globally competent citizens, advancing democratic and electoral engagement, and helping faculty and educators with classroom strategies for teaching students about stewardship of public lands.

We invite you to help Fredonia achieve ADP’s action initiatives.  Interested faculty and staff should email Dr. Angela McGowan, Chair of ADP committee, at  She will be in touch to speak with you about the committee and service opportunities.  » Learn more about the American Democracy Project

Your vote. Your future.

Fredonia has joined the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge and is committed to improving democratic engagement, increasing student voter participation rates, and graduating students with a lifelong commitment to being informed and active citizens.

Your vote matters. It's your right. This is your future.

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If you have not registered yet, you can register to vote in Chautauqua County as a college student who has lived here for 30 days before the election.  » Learn more

Questions? Contact Dr. McGowan, Committee Chair

AEED Division Contact Information:

Advancement, Engagement and Economic Development

Dr. Kevin Kearns, Vice President for Advancement, Engagement & Economic Development
701 Maytum Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-3758