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Tutoring Services is staffed by students from nearly all disciplines offered at Fredonia.  These students have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and come highly recommended by faculty in their majors.  They are provided training to help support students through the learning process.

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Olivia (1st Year Math Tutor)

Olivia Math Tutor

Hi, I'm Olivia. I'm a Junior Mathematics Major, from Buffalo, New York. A fun fact about me is I like to collect vinyl, mostly 70s and 80s music, along with Taylor Swift of course. My tip for being a successful math student is to embrace struggle. Learning math is a cycle of being introduced to new concept, being confused, and putting in work to understand it, often collaborating with other students. When you have overcome that challenge, you tend to have a deeper understanding of the concept initially stumped you, more than if you got the concept originally.

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