SI Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?
More than a study group, SI is designed specifically to supplement class instruction for traditionally difficult academic courses. SI tutors are already familiar with the course and have been trained to assist in clarifying basic concepts, attending to current assignments and facilitate effective study skills.

What is a SI session like?
Students in the course meet weekly (on a voluntary basis) with an SI tutor to go over concepts presented in class. The SI tutor helps students discover appropriate study strategies as the review content material.

Does a professor teach SI?
No. Students work with an SI tutor from the Learning Center. SI tutors are students at Fredonia who have been selected and trained to be members of the College Tutoring Service. Your tutor will have already taken the course and may be a major in the discipline.

Is SI mandatory? Do I have to go every week?
No. Students in the course attend SI on a voluntary basis. Many students attend every week, but the choice is yours. Research has shown that even one SI session can make a difference in your understanding of the course.

Will my professor know that I go to the SI sessions?
Only if you tell him or her. You will be asked to sign in at each session, but this is for statistical assessment purposes only.

SI is scheduled during a time I can't make it. What can I do?
The Learning Center has regular drop-in tutoring hours during the semester. Go to the College Tutoring Service (CTS) page to review the current schedule.

Do all sections of a course have SI?
No. Only sections where the professor is sponsoring an SI tutor and where one is available. SI tutors will introduce themselves to the appropriate section during the first weeks of classes. You can also contact the Learning Center or Academic Advising to see which courses and sections have SI. This list will change from semester to semester.

Will SI help me?
We think so. SI is designed to increase your understanding of the basic concepts of the course. It will not, however, substitute for your going to class, going to see your instructor during office hours and studying. Research has shown that attending just one SI sessions can make a difference in your understanding of the course, and subsequently, on your exam performance.

How/When can I sign-up for SI?
To be sure you are registered in the course and specific section that will have SI, contact the Office of Academic Advising (673-3188) or the Learning Center during advising week.

Will the same course have SI next semester?
Possibly, but the list changes from semester to semester depending on the availability of SI tutors and the request of professors. Contact the Learning Center for next semester's schedule.

How does SI differ from GSS (Guided Study Session)?
A comparison of SI and GSS can be reviewed here.

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