Exam Accommodations for English as Second Language (ESL) Students

To assist our international students as they transition into an English language academic environment, the Learning Center offers extended time for course exams in an alternative location, pending approval of the course instructor and space availability. These guidelines are specific to the Learning Center. Faculty may offer additional or separate accommodations as they deem appropriate. Faculty may also deny requests of international students to take an exam in the Learning Center.

Exam Procedures

Students taking exams in the Learning Center must adhere to the following procedures for exam accommodations:

  • Exams must be scheduled to begin after 8:30 am and end by 5 pm Monday through Friday during the regular semester. Available exam hours during finals week will be extended; notice of final exam hours will be published prior to dead week. No exams will be scheduled during campus-recognized holidays.
  • Exam accommodations must be scheduled in advance; walk-in accommodations are not available.
  • Since the Learning Center is located in a wireless building and due to advanced technology of some electronic translators, students taking exams in the Learning Center will only be allowed use of paper dictionaries for translation purposes. The instructor must approve use of the language translation dictionary.
    • If a student is caught cheating, the exam will be stopped and the instructor notified immediately. The student will not be allowed to take future exams in the Learning Center.
    • Students may not leave their assigned testing area or the floor during the exam.
    • Extended time is defined as time-and-a-half. For example, an 80 minute exam in class is extended to 2 hours in the Learning Center. One exemption is for a 50 minute exam: A 50 minute exam in class is rounded up from 75 minutes to 90 minutes in the Learning Center.
    • Given space limitations in the Learning Center, individual testing rooms may not be available.

Procedure for requesting exam accommodations:

  1. Student requests permission from instructor to take extended time exam in the Learning Center.
  2. Student contacts Learning Center two class periods prior to exam to request space. Students must have class information (day and time of exam as well as the instructor's name).
  3. Extended test time must be scheduled at the same time of class when possible.
  4. Instructor must approve any alternative test time.
  5. Instructor must approve the use of a language translation dictionary (book form only).
  6. Learning Center will contact the instructor to confirm his/her permission and to make arrangements for exam pick up and drop off.
  7. Student reports to the Learning Center on test date at the reserved time.

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