Accessing Accommodations

Students who require accommodations are required to meet with the Coordinator each semester to complete their accommodation request. Students are encouraged to contact the DSS office during the first 2 weeks of the semester to schedule an appointment. Please note that some accommodations may require students to contact DSS prior to the start of classes. A delay in discussing accommodations with the Coordinator may result in a delay in accommodations being provided. Accommodations are not retroactive.

Upon completion of the accommodation request, DSS will send an “Accommodation Memo” to each instructor for each class in which accommodations are requested. The memo notifies faculty that the student is registered with the office of Disability Support Services for Students, has provided appropriate documentation, and lists accommodations approved for the student. Memos are sent via email or campus mail with a copy provided to the student.

Faculty are not required to provide accommodations to students without notification from the DSS office.

After completing their accommodation request, students should contact their instructors to discuss their accommodations and/or make arrangements for accommodations to be provided. Students should contact the DSS Coordinator as soon as possible, if mutually agreed upon arrangements cannot be determined, if accommodations are not appropriate for the class, or if there are any issues with the agreed upon accommodations. The Coordinator will work with the faculty member and the student to determine an appropriate solution or alternative.

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