3-1-3 Program

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The 3-1-3 program allows students from certain local high schools to graduate from The State University of New York at Fredonia in three years. This is possible because the college gives credit for successful completion of selected high school courses, and the high schools in turn give credit for certain courses completed at Fredonia. As the name 3-1-3 suggests, the student attends three years of high school, a transitional year in which the student is simultaneously enrolled at Fredonia and his or her respective high school, and then three years of college at Fredonia. The program was inaugurated in 1972, primarily to save students a year's worth of time and tuition on their road to receive a bachelor's degree. It was quickly discovered that the student also gains more flexibility in high school scheduling, because of the spectrum of courses available at a college level. This additional freedom also makes it easier for the student to complete a second major, or discover a new interest entirely. Many former 3-1-3 students have found the year to be a valuable stepping stone to the independence and responsibility of college life.

There are a variety of reasons students choose to participate in the 3-1-3 program:  

  • To get ahead in college credit
  • To experience college academic life
  • To experience a challenge

The best thing you can do is to speak with students from your school who are currenlty participating in the program.  

For more information, contact Liza Smith, 3-1-3 Program Director.

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