Portfolio Entry #1

A student accepted into the 3-1-3 Program agrees to provide the program director a one to two page paper outlining hi/her reasons for choosing to participate in the program, factors affecting the decision and goals s/he hopes to reach through the program. This paper can be delivered to the director in person or submitted via email, anytime after acceptance but must be received at the orientation meeting in August or during the first week of classes.

Portfolio Entry #2

The second assignment is to submit one or two paragraphs to the director that answers the following question:
What is the most surprising aspect, pleasant or unpleasant, of your 3-1-3 experience so far?
This assignment is due in February of your 3-1-3 year and can also be delivered to the director in person or submitted via email.

Portfolio Entry #3

The third assignment is completed on-line. Students will be notified via their Fredonia email when the assignment is due to be completed.

Post-Experience Questionnaire

Finally, each student agrees to complete and return to the director by Thanksgiving of his/her post 3-1-3 year, a short questionnaire outlining the student’s views of how his/her academic progress was affected by the 3-1-3 experience. Each student will be sent this questionnaire in early November of that year with a stamped, addressed return envelope.


The purpose of the portfolio is essentially to provide an on-going evaluation of the program and its short-term effects on participating students. The intent of this assessment is simply to inform program decisions, recruitment and advising. An effort has been made to keep the requirements as simple and unobtrusive as possible during the busy 3-1-3 year. Any student is, of course, encouraged to seek direction and advice from the director while completing the required written responses and these responses will not in any way be used to evaluate the student’s worth. However, it is essential that each 3-1-3 student complete these four simple entries.

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