Current 3-1-3 Students

313 Students on Stairs in Reed Library

3-1-3 class of 2016-17:

Dunkirk High School

Forestville High School

Fredonia High School

Gowanda Central School 

Pine Valley Central School 

Silver Creek High School


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Important Dates  Portfolio Requirements  High School Course Equivalencies   313 Course Credit and Requirements

Things to remember as a 3-1-3 Student at Fredonia! 


  • You are a fully accepted student at Fredonia and therefore can take advantage of any and all services available to any other student on campus (join student groups, attend any events on campus, participate in intramurals, music/theater/dance activities) 

  • Remember to always have your FREDcard with you; this is your access to all things on campus

  • The Learning Center tutoring area is a great place to study in the mornings, before tutoring begins at 1:00 PM

  • Your are entitled to free, drop-in peer tutoring in the Learning Center

  • Allow time for parking and walking to class.  Utilize Park N' Ride

  • There are ALWAYS people on campus to assist you and use for resources!

 Don't forget about them


Tutoring Center Hours
Monday 1pm - 9pm
Tuesday 1pm - 10pm
Wednesday 1pm - 9pm
Thursday 1pm - 9pm
Friday & Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 6pm - 9pm

The Learning Center

Carnahan-Jackson Center
Reed Library Fourth Floor
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
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