High School Course Equivalencies

The State University of New York at Fredonia course equivalencies will be posted to student transcripts at the conclusion of the student’s senior year. Final grade and test score information is provided by the high school advising/guidance offices. Equivalencies are determined by Fredonia’s 3-1-3 Director and forwarded to the Registrar’s office for posting to the student’s official transcript.

Link to Conditions for Credit for fourth consecutive year of Regents-level Math and Science.

For High School Regents PHYSICS
Equivalency: PHYS 101 and PHYS 111 CCC/SUNYGER Natural Sciences.

For High School Advanced CHEMISTRY see 3-1-3 Director.

Click on your school to find the equivalency courses as determined by the 313 Advisory Board:

Brocton Forestville Pine Valley
Cassadaga Fredonia Ripley
Chautauqua Lake Gowanda Sherman
Cattaraugus-Little Valley Maple Grove Silver Creek
Dunkirk North Collins Westfield

Credits for college courses will be awarded for each academic year that the student earns a minimum 2.00 GPA at Fredonia; accordingly, most students will earn an additional 6 credit hours for approved high school courses as a result of their participation in the 3-1-3 academic year.

We advise that you confirm Fredonia SUNYGER requirements when transferring to other SUNY institutions. Contact Registrar's Office (673-3171) or Liza Smith, 3-1-3 Director (673-3550) for more information.

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