313 Course Credit

College Credit for High School Courses

The essence of the 3-1-3 program is the unusual commitment which enrolled students are making to their education Such students are selecting a rigorous program of study in their senior year rather than choosing to merely finish whatever requirements they have remaining for graduation. 3-1-3 students are choosing to fulfill the demands of a full-time college freshman a year earlier than their peers. Also, many these students are choosing a math and science course in their senior year which they would not otherwise have taken and, therefore, are both stretching themselves as intellectually and keeping academic doors open for themselves.

Because of our commitment to both the breadth and depth of their education that the Fredonia grants college credit for the fourth consecutive year of Regents-level high school math and science and the high school accepts college English and social science classes in fulfillment of graduation requirements for students into the 3-1-3 program.

Admission rep

Such credit is granted under the following conditions:

  • To receive credit listed on the college transcript for courses taken at the high school, students must pass the Regents examination in that course or receive at least a C in non-Regents courses where there is no Regents exam.
  • College credit will be give only for the fourth consecutive year of Regents-level mathematics and science (in most cases, math 12 and physics) These courses must be taken during the 3-1-3 year. In one case, Fredonia High School's Advanced/Honors English 12, humanities credit may be earned. Only college credit os recorded for these courses. Fredonia will keep the high school letter grade on file in the event that a transferring institution requires a grade. A maximum of six credit hours each semester will be accepted from high school courses by the college.
  • 3-1-3 students must achieve an overall college point average of 2.0 and pass at least two college courses each semester to receive college credit.

Meeting High School Requirements

The college faculty are familiar with and agree to meet state requirements for high school graduation in English, American politics and economics courses taken by 3-1-3 students to fulfill such requirements.

Transfer of Credit to other Colleges

Over the years 3-1-3 students have transferred their credits to a variety of institutions. It is important to remember the decisions on whether and how to accept credits are made by the college one transfers to and not by Fredonia. The most effective way to assure maximum use of 3-1-3 credits is to visit or call the colleges one is applying to before the 3-1-3 year and explain the program. This planning will then allow the student and the 3-1-3 advisers to choose courses at Fredonia which are suggested by the other colleges.

3-1-3 students remaining at Fredonia are already fully enrolled and need simply select classes for the fall of their sophomore year in the spring of the 3-1-3 year.

3-1-3 students leaving Fredonia for another institution need to complete withdrawal forms and transcript requests in order to transfer course credit. See Leaving Fredonia page.

Use the transfer credit equivalencies link to research agreements between Fredonia and other colleges. Also check the transfer equivalency web pages for schools you are interested in attending.

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