Class of 2013-2014 Comments and Advice

What advice would you share with high school students thinking about participating in 3-1-3?

Comments and Advice from 2013-2014 Class

  • If you don't already have amazing time-management skills, it's time to learn. The first day of classes I was given the final project usually, so if you decide to forget about it and cram in the last day, you'll have an awful grade. Thank god that I already had really good time-management and had everything done months before the end of the semester.
  • It's not as scary as it seems. On my first day, I was intimidated, overwhelmed, and stressed. All you need to do is participate in class, talk to the people next to you, and relax a little. Let yourself enjoy this wonderful opportunity. It is so much fun!
  • It's a great experience. I thought that it might be difficult, and that the year would be very stressful, but it really wasn't that bad. I was able to learn a lot from my classes, and the material wasn't as difficult as I thought it was. As long as you keep up on your work, this is a great way to prepare for the transition to college life.
  • One cannot stress the difference from high school enough. Professors will (for the most part) not hold your hand through the process. This means no constant reminders of when things are due or when exams are. Professors generally won't say anything if you don't take notes or don't participate or don't pay attention. It's up to you to ask questions, take judicious notes, and study for exams. Professors don't care if you fail because you won't put forth the effort; it's your loss, not theirs. Of the four different professors I had, none was unapproachable, and all of them will help if you're struggling if you contact them at office hours, by email, or during/after class. The professors are incredibly knowledgeable and are willing to share their vast knowledge with you. Take full advantage of this. They're also, in general, very funny, nice people.
  • I would say the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone in your 3-1-3 experience. Liza is always willing to help with no matter what problem arises. Don't be afraid to speak with any of your professors. They may seem intimidating at first but I guarantee that they will help with an issues you have as you have taken the initiative to talk with them when you dont understand something to improve your understanding of a concept. In addition to all of this it is extremely important to time manage and not stress over the little things that might not go exactly as planned. Stay calm and enjoy your experience! I promise you if you work hard and time manage you will enjoy every second of your 3-1-3 experience. Oh and one last thing. Learn how to use angel before the first week of class. Its confusing at first.
  • Just don't get behind on homework for either high school or college because keeping good time management is key.

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