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Last day of drop-in tutoring for the Spring semester:  Thursday, May 4th

Tutoring Schedule

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Come Early, Come Often! 


Whether you are looking for the extra assistance you need to pass a class, or you want help boosting your 'A-' to an 'A', the Learning Center is for YOU.

We offer confidential, free tutoring in virtually all subjects offered at Fredonia.  Just stop in the Learning Center (conveniently located on the fourth floor of Reed Library) any time during our drop-in hours.


Full Opportunity Program:
Students in FOP are admitted to Fredonia based on their potential and in consideration of special talents or strong recommendations from high school administrators or teachers. FOP students are typically involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities including athletics, dance and music.

Disability Support Services for Students:
The goal of DSS is to insure that no one is excluded from participating in any of the activities, courses, programs, or benefits of the college because of a disability.

A time-shortened combination of high school and college course of study which can lead to a B. A. or B. S. degree in three years after high school graduation.

Supplemental Instruction:
In association with a sponsoring professor, SI tutors review class material and help students acquire the study skills necessary to succeed in traditionally difficult academic courses.

Guided Study Session:
An alternative configuration to drop-in tutoring, a CTS tutor leads group study sessions for students enrolled in a preselected course. Enter the GSS main page to see which courses offer a GSS.

English Language Support Services:
Students for whom English is a second language are eligible for academic support services through the Learning Center.

Tutoring Center Hours
Monday 1pm - 9pm
Tuesday 1pm - 10pm
Wednesday 1pm - 9pm
Thursday 1pm - 9pm
Friday & Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 6pm - 9pm

The Learning Center

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