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Note: For Course Descriptions and degree requirements for all majors and minors, see the UNDERGRADUATE BULLETIN. Students must also successfully complete the College Core Curriculum as a requirement for graduation in all majors.

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Bachelor of Arts - General Studies

Cherry Orchard

The Bachelor of Arts degree in General Theatre Studies is designed to provide students with an overall background and skills in all aspects of theatre. This degree program is open to any student attending Fredonia without audition or portfolio review. Students who complete this program are prepared for entry-level work in all aspects of theatre as well as continued study at the graduate level. Students can combine a BA degree in Theatre with several other possible majors to enhance their career opportunities in such areas as film, education, creative writing, dramatic literature, theatre history and dramatic criticism.


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Acting

Our Town

The BFA degree in Acting is a pre-professional program designed to provide the foundation of skills and techniques used in performing roles from classical and contemporary dramatic literature. Students who graduate from this program are prepared for beginning careers with professional stage companies or further training at the graduate level.



Bachelor of Fine Arts - Theatrical Production and Design

Cherry Orchard Set

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Production and Design is designed to provide students the foundational skills needed in the areas of theatrical technical production. Students who graduate with this degree are prepared for entry level position in technical production, including such positions as stage managers, carpenters, painters, electricians, wardrobe assistants, and designers. Students are also prepared to continue their studies at the graduate level. The program has four different emphases: Costume Design, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, and Technical Production.


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Musical Theatre

Damn Yankees

The BFA Musical Theatre degree is a pre-professional designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the craft and skills required for performing roles within the musical theatre genre, with an emphasis in acquiring music (singing), acting and dance skills. Students who successfully complete this degree are prepared for beginning careers with musical theatre companies, or continuing on for further study at the graduate level.


Theatre Minor

Complete Works

The Theatre Minor is designed for those students who want to supplement their major program with experience and training in theatre. Students receive classes in both acting and technical production. Theatre minors can supplement and enhance such majors as Communication, BFA Dance, Secondary Education/English, or Vocal Performance.


Bachelor of Fine Arts - Dance


Fredonia Dance Ensemble

The B.F.A. in Dance provides training for dance professionals within a liberal arts education. In addition to intensive technical training in a variety of dance styles, additional studies in choreography, repertory, dance history, kinesiology, and musical training are required. The dance program curriculum is consistent with the guidelines developed by The National Association of Schools of Dance. Acceptance to the dance major is by audition. Contact The Department of Theatre & Dance for guidelines.

Dance majors are required to audition for The Fredonia Dance Ensemble, the pre-professional training ensemble. They are also welcome to participate in the assorted dance clubs on campus. The dance program sponsors activities throughout the year including performances, master classes, and workshops with professional artists. Dance majors are required to complete a minor, allowing for the pursuit of a secondary interest, or as support for professional career goals. Recommended minors include: arts administration (18 credits), dance studio administration (21 credits), theatre (22 credits), business administration (18 credits), communications (18 credits), film studies (21 credits), sport and exercise science (12 credits), or other fields.

Facts About the Dance Program at Fredonia

The dance program at Fredonia has a long history. A dance minor has existed since the 1960s, when dance was part of the Physical Education department. The dance program joined with theatre arts in 1999, forming the Department of Theatre & Dance as it exists today. The dance program has expanded since that time, adding a BFA in Dance in 2007. Currently, there are two dance-related minors on campus, a general dance minor and an interdisciplinary minor in dance studio administration. There are approximately twenty-five BFA Dance majors, twenty dance minors, and 200-300 students participating in dance classes each semester.

Fredonia Dance Ensemble (FDE) was also inaugurated in 2007, providing a professional training ensemble. The ensemble presents one main stage concert per year featuring faculty and guest artists’ choreography. Prominent guest artists have included: Jon Lehrer, Artistic Director of LehrerDance Company, Buffalo, NY; Jill Pribyl & Grace Flavia Ibanda, Artistic Director & Dancer of Okulamba Dance Theater, Kampala, Uganda; Paco Antonia & Lucilene de Gues, Artistic Directors of Sol & Arena Flamenco Dance Company, Las Cruces, NM; Sabrina Castillo Gallusser, Artistic Director of Momentum Dance Company, Guatemala City, Guatemala; Michele de la Reza & Peter Kope, Artistic Directors of Attack Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA; and Stacy West, Artistic Director of The Modern American Dance Company, St. Louis, MO; among others. These guest artists are an important addition to the dance program, bringing
diversity and dance styles not currently offered on campus.

The dance faculty, comprised of three full-time professors, are active professionals. Director of Dance, Helen Myers, regularly presents at the National Dance Education Association conference, as well as exhibiting her choreography nationally. Assistant Professor Samantha Kenney and Instructor Angelika Summerton frequently present
at the American College Dance Festival (ACDFA), in addition to being active choreographers. Samantha Kenney’s has had her choreography honored twice by ACDFA. In 2010 and 2012, Ms. Kenney has had her work presented in ACDFA
gala concerts. Dance students have accompanied the faculty to ACDFA on multiple occasions. Several part-time instructors also contribute to the dance program in the areas of dance improvisation and repertory.

The dance program has initiated a pilot program offering Saturday dance classes to area children. Student dancers, under the mentorship of the dance faculty, have been teaching children at the Boys and Girls club in Dunkirk since fall 2011. The dance faculty is pursuing alternative funding sources to expand this program. With the addition to Rockefeller Arts Center the dance area will gain three additional studios, one of which can be used as a small theater. These additional studios are needed in order to grow the program. With these new facilities, and an increased effort in recruiting, the dance program will attract more highly-skilled applicants. The program has experienced a rise in applicants not just from the region, but also nationally. In the future, the dance program is preparing to expand to fifty dance majors. Dance has been the newest and smallest of the visual and performing arts majors on campus, but will take its place amongst the other strong arts programs as it grows.

Watch this video of Brian Moe, senior BFA Dance major, discussing his experiences studying dance at Fredonia.

Dance Minor

Fredonia Dance Ensemble

27 credit hours


The Minor in Dance is comprised of dance technique courses in a variety of styles, with additional studies in choreography, repertory, dance history, kinesiology, and musical training. The dance program sponsors activities throughout the year, including master classes and workshops with professional companies and teachers. The dance minor can complement any major, and is open to all students on campus. Students must have completed 30 credits to audition for the dance minor. Auditions for the minor are held annually during the fall semester. Acceptance into the minor is based on an audition and a review of the student's transcript, with particular attention paid to grades achieved in DANC courses. Students wishing to declare the minor should have an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher.


Dance Studio Administration Interdisciplinary Minor (INDS)

21 credit hours

The Interdisciplinary Studies minor in Dance Studio Administration will provide the student with the necessary education, preparation and confidence to take the step into the direction of private ownership. It is comprised of courses from a variety of disciplines across campus. The minor can complement any major, and is open to all students on campus. Special focus is given to the business and managerial aspects of a dance studio. In addition, the student will acquire competences in communication, the legal environment of a business, and the process of stage production.


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