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Auditions for Fall 2017 entrance to BFA Acting and BFA Musical Theatre are now closed.  We are not accepting applications at this time.

Please contact the Department of Theatre and Dance for additional information.


The Department of Theatre and Dance will begin taking applications for auditions for the 2017 audition season on October 1. These auditions are for students interested in attending Fredonia beginning in the Fall of 2017. Acceptance to any of the BFA programs is by audition only, whether you are a transfer student or first-time full time freshman. Acceptance to the BA Theatre Arts program is open to anyone who is academically accepted by the university.

The department has initiated the process of pre-screening auditions via video submission. We have partnered with Acceptd, one of the largest online admissions portals for the fine arts in the country. On-campus, live auditions are now by invitation only, based on your pre-screening material submitted to Acceptd. The performance faculty will be reviewing the material submitted to Acceptd, and based on that material, prospective students will be invited to schedule a live audition on one of the dates listed below. For the BFA programs in Musical Theatre, Acting, and Theatrical Production and Design, you cannot schedule a date on your own or by calling the department. You must go through the pre-screening process. When you do that, please indicate your preferred date for an audition. While we cannot guarantee a preferred date, we will do all we can to accommodate your travel concerns.

Students who are invited to audition at Fredonia must attend a live audition on our campus. This allows us to see you in person, listen to your audition, ask questions, and let you ask questions of us and see the facilities. We do not admit students through video applications only. We understand that travel to Fredonia can be a hardship for some people, and under certain circumstances we will work with auditionees for whom travel to Fredonia represents an extreme hardship. Fredonia is located approximately 50 miles southwest of Buffalo NY, which is served by air travel, bus, and Amtrak. Accommodations are available in Buffalo or Fredonia.

Auditions for the BFA Dance degree program are not available through Acceptd. Students interested in the dance program will be able to apply for an audition date by filling out this form. See below for the online application form.

To begin the audition process for Acting, Musical Theatre or Theatrical Production and Design programs, please click on this link, which will take you to the department's audition portal page at Acceptd. You will find instructions there for creating an account with Acceptd, logging in, and uploading your material.

Fees: Please note that the audition/interview fee for the BFA programs in Acting, Musical Theatre, and Theatrical Production and Design is payable through Acceptd. The audition fee for the BFA Dance program ONLY is payable at the bottom of the page. If you are invited to audition for the BFA Musical Theatre program and require an accompanist, you will need to pay the accompanist fee at the bottom of the page. You need not pay the accompanist fee until such time as you receive an invitation for an on-campus audition.

International Students ONLY: We will accept applications from international students via the Acceptd portal. We may ask international applicants for additional material, including dance sequences and full songs. All instruction at Fredonia is conducted in English. International students whose primary language is not English will have to pass the English Equivalency tests or TOEFL Exams. Please refer to the EC English Language Center for more information. Canadian citizens living in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton/Niagara Falls region should be able to attend an on-campus audition, as Fredonia is a three-hour drive from the Toronto metro area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the department using the contact information at the top of the page. Thanks for your interest in Fredonia.

On-Campus Audition/Interview Schedule 2016-17 (by invitation only)

BFA Musical Theatre Dates (Now Closed)

Nov 12, 2016 (Transfer for Spring 2017; Deadline for Application Oct. 28, 2016)
Jan 7, 2017 New York City, Ripley-Grier Studios, Manhattan (Deadline for Application via Acceptd December 15, 2016)
Jan 28, 2017
Feb 18, 2017
Feb 25, 2017
Mar 25, 2017

BFA Acting Dates (Now Closed)

Nov. 12, 2016 (Transfer for Spring 2017; Deadline for Application Oct. 28, 2016)
Jan. 7 2017 New York City, Ripley-Grier Studios, Manhattan (Deadline for Application via Acceptd December 15, 2016)
Feb. 4, 2017
Feb 11, 2017
March 4, 2017

BFA Production Design Dates (March 30 deadline)

Feb 11, 2017
Mar 4, 2017
Mar 25, 2017
Apr 8, 2017

BFA Dance Dates (apply by clicking this link)

Nov 12, 2016 (Deadline for Application Oct. 28, 2016)
Jan 7, 2017 New York City (Deadline for Application December 15, 2016)
Feb 18, 2017
Feb 25, 2017
Mar 25, 2017

Directions for completing the application for the BFA Dance program

  1. Please click this link to fill out the form to submit your application for an audition for the BFA Dance program. Make sure you double-check all the information, particularly the date you wish to schedule for your audition, and your email address.
  2. Students auditioning either for the BFA Acting or the BFA Musical Theatre programs AND who wish to audition for the BFA Dance program as well must audition on two separate dates. We cannot accommodate a dance audition with an audition for any other program, as the dance audition is an all-day audition process. Please use the Acceptd website for BFA Acting and Musical Theatre, and complete the form above for a separate BFA Dance audition.
  3. After submitting your form, complete payment of the audition fee. Please remember that you will not be given an audition date confirmation until we receive payment of the audition fee.


Please click on this link to pay your BFA Dance audition fee via credit card or electronic check (Applicants for the other BFA programs will pay their fee through Acceptd). We cannot accept payment by personal check. If you are paying for the BFA Dance Audition fee, please select the Audition Fee button. If you need an accompanist for your BFA Musical Theatre audition, please select the $20 accompanist fee.

This fee is non-refundable. You will not receive a confirmation for your audition time until payment of this fee has been received.


Theatre & Dance

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