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Admission to the Department

The FantasticksThere is no audition requirement for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Theatre Arts. Students who are accepted academically by Fredonia and wish to study for the B.A. degree in Theatre Arts may simply declare Theatre Arts as their major.

Acceptance into the department's pre-professional Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree programs consists of two steps. The first step is academic acceptance to the university. Prospective students must be admitted to the university through the general College Admissions process. No student will be admitted to a B.F.A program until they have been accepted academically by the university.

The second step is the audition/portfolio process. To gain acceptance into any of the B.F.A. degree programs, prospective students must also audition or present a portfolio review during the year prior to entering Fredonia (usually their senior year of high school) on one of the designated audition/review dates. Audition information, requirements and application forms are available here.

Prospective students may audition/interview for the B.F.A. degree programs either before or after they have been admitted to the university, but they will not be admitted to a B.F.A program until they have been accepted academically by the university. All students entering the B.F.A. degree programs are on probationary status until they complete all degree requirements.

In extreme instances, students may gain acceptance to a B.F.A. degree program, even if they do not academically qualify for admission to the university, under the "Special Talent" admission process. This process is at the sole discretion of the department and the university, and may not be initiated by the prospective student. Students so admitted must show sufficient academic progress in the first year to warrant continued status in any B.F.A program.

Audition or portfolio results are not released to prospective students unless they choose to attend Fredonia. Students not accepted to a B.F.A. program on their initial audition may re-audition one additional time, whether or not they are in residence at Fredonia. Any student in residence at Fredonia wishing to re-audition or re-submit a portfolio may view the results of their previous audition/interview and discuss those results with a member of the faculty so as to gain insight on where improvements need to be made.

Transfer students should audition/interview for the B.F.A. the semester before transferring. All B.F.A. programs generally require a minimum of three years for transfers to complete.


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