Study Abroad Course Approval Process

All coursework taken abroad counts toward a student's GPA and transfers back to Fredonia as general elective credit.  If students want coursework to count for major, minor, or CCC coursework, they must go through the course approval process with the appropriate departments on campus.  To begin the course approval process, students should use the Overseas Course Approval Form after being accepted to their study abroad program.

Beginning the Course Approval Process

  1. Explore coursework at the institution abroad to see if you can find courses that are equivalent to those that you must take at Fredonia.
  2. Obtain specific course information, such as a syllabus or course description, that you can bring to meetings with Department Chairs.
  3. Get all coursework approved by the appropriate Department Chair. If the course is equivalent to a Fredonia course and is also a CCC course, get approval from the Associate Provost for Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Support.
  4. If you want to take a course that does not have a Fredonia equivalent and you want CCC credit, submit the Request for Waiver, Substitution form to the Associate Provost for Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Support.
  5. Return form to the Office of International Education to be held with your study abroad file.

Getting Approval for Major/Minor Courses 

If you are seeking approval for coursework that pertains for your major(s) or minor(s), you must work directly with the appropriate Department Chair(s).  Bring as much information about the courses you intend to take abroad to the Department Chair (syllabus, course description) so that they can make an informed decision about equivalency.  Department Chairs have sole discretion to determine if coursework abroad can be applied to the student's degree.  

Getting Approval for CCC Courses

If you are seeking approval for CCC coursework abroad, you must consult the online listing of CCC courses to see if there are equivalencies.  If you believe that you find a course abroad that is equivalent to a Fredonia CCC, you should meet with the Department Chair where the CCC is offered.  For example, if you find a US History course at your institution abroad that you believe is equivalent to HIST 105 (Category 4 - American History), you must meet with the Department Chair for History at Fredonia.

After receiving approval from the appropriate CCC Department Chair, you must submit your Course Approval form to the Associate Provost for Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Support (Dr. Lisa Hunter), located on the 8th Floor of Maytum Hall.  Following final approval, the Associate Provost will send the Course Approval Form to OIE.

Only courses deemed equivalent by the Department Chair and CCC Coordinator will be approved.  Taking a course in the same department as a CCC will not suffice as equivalent.

What If My Courses Change While Abroad?

If your course schedule at your university abroad changes, it is up to you to pursue and obtain approvals for new courses you may take.  Because you are abroad, you may email the Department Chair where the major/minor or CCC course is offered, but you must include the Office of International Education on these approval emails.  Remember, it is still important that you enroll in coursework that is equivalent to requirements at Fredonia so that you have the best chance of the course being approved.

After receiving approval from the Department Chair, the Office of International Education will update your Overseas Course Approval form and send it to Department Chairs and the Associate Provost for signatures.  It will then be kept in your file until you return from your time abroad.

When You Return from Study Abroad

The Office of International Education keeps your Course Approval form in your study abroad file until your study abroad transcript is received.  Please be aware that some transcripts can take weeks or months to arrive.  Upon receipt of your transcript, OIE will send your transcript and course approval form to the Registrar, and both are kept in your advising folder.  Your advisor will be able to see what coursework was taken abroad, what grades were received, and what coursework counts toward your degree.

Erin Willis, Assistant Director of Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

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