Oaxaca, Mexico - Summer

Oaxaca: Spanish Language & Culture

Course Number/Name: INED 399 Oaxaca, Mexico: Language & Culture

Description: Fredonia and Ollin Tlahtoalli Centro de Lenguas y Cultura Mexicana have created a full time study abroad summer program for students interested in an intense cultural experience. This program offers so much more than typical summer study programs. The name of the language center is composed of two Nahuatl words "Ollin" and "Tlahtoalli" which mean movement and language respectively; it is a way to honor the ongoing process of language change...Nahuatl is an indigenous language to central Mexico where it is spoken by more than 1.5 million people, some people still use Nahuatl in Oaxaca too. Their mission includes the preservation of endangered Mexican indigenous languages, and the teaching of Spanish within a Mexican cultural framework and the promotion of Mexican culture and traditions. For four weeks students will live with families in the city of Oaxaca, and attend personalized instruction in groups of two or three students. Our aim is to increase our students´ understanding and appreciation of Mexican values, traditions and behaviors which can sometimes be a mystery to outsiders. We do this through carefully selected readings and presentations along with class discussions. Students seeking a volunteer experience can work with the local indigenous population in their community programs.

Instructor: Dr. Carmen Rivera, World Languages and Cultures

Program Type: Faculty-Led

Language of Instruction: English & Spanish

Housing: Students live with Host Families

Course Dates: May 27 - July 3, 2016

Eligible Participants: Undergraduate Students in Good Academic Standing

Application Deadline: March 9, 2016

$150 Deposit Deadline: March 21, 2016

Course Fee Deadline: April 6, 2016

Credits: 6 Undergraduate

Cost: 2016 Student Budget

Application: Submit an application and a copy of your transcripts to the Office of International Education 

Pay Online Button Pay the COURSE FEE DEPOSIT ($150) with electronic check or credit card online

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