Study Abroad Application Process

1. Talk with your Academic Advisor EARLY! Meet with your advisor to discuss the classes you want to take abroad for credit toward your major, minor, elective, or to fulfill CCC requirements.  Also talk about what semester would be best for you. 

2.  Choose a Country and Program
Choosing the right program can be the most difficult step.  Decide which country you would like to study and the program that fits your academic and personal needs.  Set up an initial appointment with the Office of International Education to discuss options.  If you seek admission into a non-SUNY program, additional steps not outlined here are required so be sure to contact the Office of International Education.

 3.  Apply-   Apply Now!   Pick up the SUNY application packet from the Office of International Education.  Some other SUNY schools may require you to complete an online application through their website - you MUST notify Fredonia's Office of International Education of your application status.

  • If applying to more than one program, you do NOT need multiple copies of anything other than your Transcripts (one official transcript is required for each program you apply to).  You request official transcripts from the YourConnection. 
  • If applying to a program in a country where the native language is not English, the Foreign Language Proficiency Form must be completed by a language instructor at Fredonia.
  • Fredonia short term programs (J-Term and summer), only require the first two pages of the SUNY Study Abroad application and an official transcript from the Registrar's Office.
  • Semester programs almost always require the following items: two pages of the SUNY Study Abroad application, an essay, two confidential academic letters of recommendation, and an official transcript. After writing your essay, ask someone to proofread your work. Your essay must be signed by your academic advisor.  Your essay should be 250 to 500 words, typed, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. 
  • Give confidential reference forms, along with an envelope, to two academic instructors (and one non-academic reference if required by the program).  Allow your instructors at least two weeks to complete the reference forms.  To ensure they are not misplaced, make an appointment with the professor to personally pick them up and deliver them to the Office of International Education at Fredonia.
  • Submit your completed application, reference forms, language proficiency form, and essay to the Office of International Education.

4.  Application Fees and Additional Paperwork
If you are applying to another SUNY's program, contact them directly to find out if you need to submit an application fee and any other required paperwork.  If so, you can hand a check and/or additional paperwork to Fredonia's Office of International Education for forwarding.

5.  Application Deadlines
It is best to apply 3-5 weeks before the application deadline, the semester before you plan to travel. This will give you a cushion of time before the deadline, just in case you are missing paperwork.  If the application deadline has passed, call the administering campus and ask if the deadline has been extended.  Make sure, that if you have applied via the web directly to another SUNY campus' program, that you notify Fredonia's Office of nternational Education of your study abroad intent.

6.  Waiting for an Answer
Be patient. Generally applications are processed within four weeks after the application deadlines.

7.  Confirming an Offer of Acceptance
Make an appointment to speak with a representative in the Office of International Education at Fredonia. We can help you complete Fredonia's required acceptance paperwork- no matter what program you plan to participate in. Talk with a Financial Aid Advisor and/or your parents about financing your trip abroad. Send in your deposit as soon as you decide to accept an offer to study abroad to secure your space.  If you have applied to more than one program, be sure to notify the programs you have decided NOT to go on of your decision.

8.  Pre-Departure Orientation
You are encouraged to attend Fredonia's Pre-Departure Orientation, even if you are accepted to another SUNY's study abroad program.

9.  Have the Experience of a Lifetime!

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