Fredonia Promise Mentor Program

The Fredonia Promise Program is granted to students who have excelled in their high school career, for a number of different reasons, and whom we think will continue to demonstrate proficiency as they enter college.  Promise Program members will receive a number of benefits that will assist their collegiate career as well as help adjust them in their first year of college living.   

Program Video

Benefits from the Program

Renewable scholarship
With this program, also comes a scholarship! You are granted $1,500 per academic year.

Personal Mentor
Each student in the program is assigned a mentor who has been a student at Fredonia for at least a year. Your mentor will be keeping in contact with you and can be utilized as a helpful resource for any of your questions or concerns.

Exposure to Campus Resourses and Activites
Being a part of this program will provide you with knowledge of many of the campus resources and offices that you might not know how to locate on your own.  Your mentor will update you with a variety of activities on and off campus that will help you to get involved in opportunities that may relate to your interests. 

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