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What is Geoscience?

The field of geoscience encompasses geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geographic information systems, climate and weather, and even the study of other planets. Students in the Department of Geosciences choose a program to meet their specific goals, including employment or graduate study in geology, geochemistry, and science education.

Academic Programs

What Can I Do with a Geosciences Degree?

Geology and Geochemistry degrees prepare students for scientific research as well as careers in private industries (petroleum, mining, earth and space science, environmental engineering) and the federal government (United States Geological Survey, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Land). An Earth Science B.A. assists students in production, technical services, information systems/processing, and administration. The Earth Science Adolescence Education program prepares students for provisional teaching certification in New York State.

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Career Outlooks

To explore specific job outlooks, use MyNextMove, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and MyPlan. Each offers unique insight about the personalities, skills, knowledge, technology, abilities, and educational requirements compatible with a job.

For a more personal approach, use resources like Candid Careers and Glassdoor. Candid Careers hosts thousands of interviews with industry professionals. Glassdoor provides numerous employee reviews from various companies. Both provide great insight into the industry and daily life of a particular career.

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Sample Job Titles

Environmental Engineer
Environmental Specialist
Food Scientist
Geological Technician
High School Teacher
Laboratory Manager

Middle School Teacher
Minerals Surveyor
Mining Engineer
Petroleum Technician
Science Writer
Urban or Regional Planner

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Internships and Applied Learning Opportunities  Use FREDNetwork to find professional jobs, internships, student employment and summer job opportunities

Internships foster hands-on learning and skill building. They also help students make connections and network with potential employers. 

You can use FREDNetwork, the CDO’s job and internship database, to find internship (and employment) opportunities! Schedule an appointment with a CDO career counselor for more information and advice.

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Major-specific activities and student organizations and clubs provide venues to make connections and build strong networks. Depending on personal interests and career goals, students may join clubs such as the Geology Club.

Networks continue to grow through digital groups such as LinkedIn. The CDO’s professional mentoring program, Fredonia Career Connection, is also a great place to find a mentor!

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Professional Associations

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Get Connected

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What’s Next?

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