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Strategic Planning (2018-2023)

Purpose and Process

In the spring of 2017, a steering committee of Fredonia stakeholders was charged by President Horvath with leading the campus in developing a strategic plan to guide the university direction and focus for the next five years.

Mission Statement - Mission & Vision

Fredonia educates, challenges, and inspires students to become skilled, connected, creative, and responsible global citizens and professionals. The university enriches the world through scholarship, artistic expression, community engagement, and entrepreneurship.

Driven by our Undergraduate Learning Outcomes and Baccalaureate Goals, the committee has identified six Strategic Direction Themes.

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes Framework

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes Framework

Baccalaureate Goals

Fredonia will focus its mission to ensure that all Fredonia students, utilizing knowledge developed through a broad range of intellectual experiences, will be:

  • Skilled (develop Intellectual and Applied Skills, Literacies and Knowledges),
  • Connected (engage Community and Diversity: Local Stewardship, Global Citizenship),
  • Creative (demonstrate Scholarship, Artistry, and Innovation), and
  • Responsible (activate Sustainability, Ethics, Leadership, and Professionalism).

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