Starfish for Academic Advisors and Staff

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Starfish for Academic Advisors and Staff

Starfish Early Alert is designed to facilitate communication between instructors and students. It allows instructors to provide early feedback to students through the use of targeted e-mails. Academic advisors and other specific staff on campus may be able to view these messages and provide additional support to the student. These alerts can address concerns and offer positive feedback. Starfish is designed to give you more information about how your students are doing throughout the semester in an effort to enhance your student-advisee relationships.

Advising Recommendations

  • Monitor tracking items throughout the semester and reach out to students if you feel you can offer assistance.
  • Advisors will receive an immediate notification when a student has received a "Consider Withdrawing from Course" notification or have had "3 or more" flags raised during the semester. If you feel comfortable, please try to reach out to those students and help to connect the students to appropriate resources.
  • Clearing a flag (or closing the loop) is not required, but is encouraged. Please check with Academic Advising Services if you are unsure if you can or should clear a flag. Clearing a flag allows faculty to know that outreach has been completed.
    View the How to Clear a Flag guide for more information.





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