STARFISH Early Alert

STARFISH at Fredonia:
Promoting Proactive Advising and Support

Starfish at Fredonia is a web based, risk intervention and advising tool intended to improve the way we support student success. Starfish is based on the premise that a campus community engaged with a student will lead to that student's success and that effective campus engagement happens through collaborative efforts between faculty, advisors, and support offices. In addition, individual outreach to students and face-to-face conversations are critical so students know that there are people at the college who can help them to accomplish their goals.

Starfish is intended to promote these important interactions by providing a quick and simple way for faculty to notify advisors and support offices when they have a concern about a student, enabling these support providers to reach out to students in a timely and effective way. More effective support is expected to lead to increased student success, which in turn is ultimately expected to lead to improved retention and graduation rates.

This initiative was implemented in response to the university's Strategic Enrollment Management goals:

  • Goal Four – Engage all faculty and staff, across divisions, units, and departments, in the common goal of helping students succeed.

  • Goal Five – Engage students in the curriculum and co-curriculum by setting high expectations and providing support in keeping with the belief that all students belong here and all students can achieve.

Starfish at Fredonia will enable instructors to:

  • Send a “call to action” message directly to students about poor academic performance or attendance

  • Message an electronic “kudos” to acknowledge positive academic progress

  • Directly refer students to additional support resources or services

Starfish at Fredonia will allow students to:

  • Ask for help, in a digital format 24-hours a day, when they are unsure whom to ask

  • View the contact information for all of their current instructors and advisors in one place

  • Access a gallery of support resources available to all students

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