Office of Sponsored Programs Services

A wide range of services are available from the Office of Sponsored Programs.

  • Funding Searches - We assist in identifying appropriate sponsors for projects through database searches. Researchers can search for funding sources at the Grants Resource Center is fredonia and the password is funding. Both must be entered in lowercase only once unless you remove the cookies from your computer. during concept exploration and proposal development.
  • Assistance in Proposal Development - While staff does not write proposals, we assist assistance in proposal development and regional demographic data and "boilerplate" information on the campus. Interpretation of sponsor guidelines; sponsor contacts; obtaining successful or model applications; contact with or referral to other faculty/staff or community organizations; proposal editing, and format suggestions are regular activities.
  • Budgeting Assistance and Approvals - The initial development and review of proposal project budgets can be handled by staff. Budgets are checked against appropriate guidelines for compliance. Budgets must receive administrative approvals, beginning with OSP staff.
  • Administrative Approvals - The OSP coordinates the passage of the Proposal Summary Routing Sheets through the offices of the campus to assure that all required administrative signatures are obtained and the proposal has fulfilled the Research Foundation and Fredonia requirements for submission. A minimum of three days is usually required for the routing of the approvals sheets.
  • Delivery Services - The OSP will absorb costs associated with sending the proposal to the potential sponsor, including overnight mail, Federal Express, Airborne, and/or Certified Mail.
  • Electronic Submission - The majority of proposals are now submitted online. OSP will upload required documents, secure submission acceptance notifications and track sponsor requests.
  • Administrative Support- Upon notification of funding, the staff works closely with the post-award office of the Research Foundation to assure smooth implementation and compliance. Post-award services such as contract no-cost extensions, budget modifications, contract negotiation, expenditure monitoring, etc. are provided.

Those planning to submit a proposal should contact the office at least 5 working days prior to the proposal deadline. The OSP is not responsible for late submission of proposals due to lack of planning and/or timely notification and processing of a proposal on the part of the applicant.

Office of Sponsored Programs

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