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Employees on grant-funded programs and research projects at Fredonia are employed by the Research Foundation of State University of New York (RF SUNY), a private, not-for-profit educational corporation that manages external funds for campuses within the SUNY system. Employment with the RF is on at at-will basis, meaning the relationship can be terminated at any time by either the employee or the employer.

As an equal opportunity employer, the campus and RF require an affirmative action search for long-term employees who will work half-time or more.

  • Research Foundation as a Separate Employer - Word (70 KB) | PDF (74 KB) (Affirmative Action Search Procedure)
    • When a Search is Not Required
    • Request for Waiver of the Search Procedure
    • How to Proceed When a Full Search is Warranted
  • Request to Recruit form - Word (61 KB) | PDF (58 KB)
  • Applicant Survey and Data Collection Form - Word (65 KB) | PDF (67 KB)
  • Pre-Interview Search Procedure Report - Word (118 KB) | PDF (109 KB)
  • Interview & Recommendation Process Report- Word (77 KB) | PDF (78 KB)
  • Employment Application - OSP Forms


Once a new employee has been selected, the Project Director or Principal Investigator should work with the Office of Sponsored Programs to complete the initial paperwork. Supervisors must also ensure that new employees (and all employees) are given a job description detailing their duties and responsibilities.

  • Employee Assignment Form - Word (218 KB) | PDF (66 KB)
  • Employee Assignment Form Instructions [link to forms]
  • Payroll and Holiday Schedule for Salaried Employees - Link

Regular and student employees of the Research Foundation must also complete paperwork when they are hired. This is usually done in person in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) with Cathe Kilpatrick, at which time employment eligibility will be verified. New employees must prove eligibility by presenting EITHER a passport OR a Driver’s License AND Social Security card (please contact the OSP for alternate documentation). Paychecks cannot be released until eligibility has been verified.

While meeting with OSP staff, new employees will complete Federal and New York State tax forms, the I-9 form (employment eligibility), and an Employment Application, if they haven’t already done so. They will also receive the Employee Handbook or instructions on how to access it on the internet as well as additional printed information.

  • Payroll and Holiday Schedule [link to forms]
  • Employee Handbook (PDF 501 KB)
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification - PDF
  • Form W-4 (federal income tax) [link to forms]
  • IT-2104 (New York State income tax) [link to forms]
  • Employment Application [link to forms]
  • Payment Method – Direct Deposit of Salary[link to forms]

Existing Employees

Information Changes

Changes to address, salary or pay, full time equivalency (FTE), or the grant award to which an employee’s pay is charged require the Oracle Information Change Form. Cathe Kilpatrick is the person in the OSP to contact for completing the Change Form.

  • Oracle Information Change Form[link to forms]
  • Oracle Information Change Form Instructions[link to forms]

Pay Increases

All pay increases require additional documentation and must be in accordance with the Research Foundation Salary Plan as communicated by the OSP to all PI/PDs annually, subject to fund availability in the award. For Across-the-Board (ATB) increases, only the Pay Increase/Bonus Request Form is necessary, but discretionary/merit increases and awards/bonuses are based on performance and availability of funds, so must be accompanied by a performance evaluation and description of special circumstances. There are two types of discretionary pay increases:

Discretionary Increases: Individual discretionary base salary adjustments are authorized based on performance and/or equity considerations, subject to the availability of funds.

Awards: Individual one-time discretionary awards, not added to the employee's base salary, are authorized, subject to the availability of funds.

  • Research Foundation Salary Plan[link to documents]
  • Pay Increase/Bonus Request Form[link to forms]

Employee Evaluations
Supervisors are strongly encouraged to evaluate each employee annually. There is no official form or template for employee performance evaluations, but they should be based on the employee’s job description.

Progressive Discipline
The RF uses progressive discipline to address an employee’s work performance issues and/or inappropriate behavior. The intent is to help employees correct their issues to become successful, productive workers. Progressive discipline provides supervisors and Fredonia with a consistent and fair process for handling disciplinary issues and protects the legal rights of the employee and employer. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for more information.




The RF’s pay cycle is biweekly, generally on a Friday. Hourly employees are paid with a two-week lag (paid two weeks after the end of the previous pay cycle). There is no lag for salaried workers. Direct Deposit is an excellent way to assure secure, timely delivery of pay. There is a one-time, one pay cycle lag after direct deposit data is input.

  • Payment Method – Direct Deposit of Salary[link to forms]
  • Payroll Calendar[link to documents]

Academic Fellowships

Faculty Fellowships can also be managed through Research Foundation, providing a regular biweekly paycheck and allowing orderly payout of the award over time.

  • Academic Fellowship Form[link to forms]


Employees who work half-time or more may be eligible for benefits, which are generally comparable to those SUNY offers. For more information, please contact Jennifer Costa in the Fredonia Human Resources Office. She is the campus Research Foundation Benefits Coordinator.

  • RF Benefits Handbook[link to documents]

Time Reporting

RF employees must complete time reporting documents. If you are a non-exempt employee, that covers hourly employees and those whose salaries fall below the established Fair Labor Standards Act minimum, you will complete either an hourly or biweekly timesheet. If you are an exempt employee, which means your salary is high enough that you cannot earn overtime, you will complete an exception report for each calendar month. Nonexempt timesheets are due at the end of each pay period, and exempt reports are due at the end of each month. Both must be signed by you and your supervisor. The Fredonia Human Resources office manages Time Reporting for RF employees. Please contact Jennifer Costa for more information.


Salaried employees working at least 50 percent of time may be eligible to accrue leave for illness, vacation and personal use. Your eligibility to accrue and use vacation and personal leave depends on the date you were hired, your status as a full-time or part-time employee, and status as an exempt or nonexempt employee. The Fredonia Human Resources Benefits Coordinator for RF, Jennifer Costa, manages leave for RF employees.

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