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Recently, Pivot our once indispensable research funding data base has lost its support and will n o longer be available to SUNY researchers. To replace this vital tool we have negotiated with infoED Global, a service very similar to Pivot. Below are instructions on how to sign onto GENIUS, infoEd's version of Pivot.

There will be instruction sessions through the PDC and we are happy to conduct one-on-one sessions for those you seeking specific funding. Contact Paul Benson, or 673-3569.

To establish a GENIUS account follow these steps (OSP can do this for you if you prefer):

* Go to
* Click on the GENIUS link along the top of the page
* Choose Create New Profile
* Select your institution
* Fill out the New Profile Registration Page - select the department listed
* Click Submit
* You will now be at a page called the Profile Summary Page - do not fill anything out on this page. Scroll to the bottom and click Log Out
* Your Administrator will now receive an e-mail and they will need to validate your profile. Once validated you will then be able to sign into SPIN for added functionality and remote access (24 hrs. later)


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