Research Compliance (including Human Subjects) Policies and Procedures Involving Animal Subjects

Policies and Procedures Involving Animal Subjects

Please note that the compliance policies involving animal subjects are currently under review. Contact the OSP Office with questions (673-3569). The manual and policies will be posted by summer 2016.

The use of animal subjects in scientific and educational activities is governed by professional standards of ethical conduct as well as by federal and state regulations.

Fredonia is committed to humane care of laboratory animals in carrying out teaching, research and training activities. To insure compliance with all regulations and requirements, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for protocol review and implementation of campus policies and procedures.

Download the IACUC Application PDF


Faculty Procedures:

To expedite review and approval of animal use, researchers must adhere to the following:

  1. The principal investigator (PI) should contact the Animal Room Supervisor Ed McCarrick in the Biology Department (716) 673-3282 to discuss plans for the physical requirements of the project early in the planning stage and prior to the use of any animals in research or training.
  2. The PI will complete and sign the form "Application for Use of Laboratory Animals in Research or Teaching" (Currently under review).
  3. The PI will provide a description of personnel training or experience relative to animal experimentation along with the background of the responsible investigator in animal experimentation.
  4. The PI must submit a renewal application of the research and teaching protocol to the IACUC on a semi-annual basis. This report shall describe any changes in the protocol. If here are no changes, a statement shall be made to that effect.
  5. The PI, educator or course leader will provide instruction to his technical staff and/or students regarding specific techniques for the animal project and the aspects of humane care and treatment, and will assure all technical personnel are familiar with those sections of the NIH Guide that pertain to techniques being employed see:
  6. The PI whose application has been denied may have the option of resubmitting a modified application.

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