Sociocultural and Justice Sciences

Our department offers the opportunity to study in one or more of our three different but related disciplines:  Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice.

Department Mission Statement

"The mission of State University of New York at Fredonia is to educate, challenge, and inspire students to become skilled, connected, creative, and responsible global citizens and professionals.  We strive to extend the University mission into the distinct fields that constitute the department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice.”


The Department offers B.A. degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice.  We offer a B.S degree in Social Work.  We also offer two minors: Criminal Justice, and Sociology.  We are pleased to coordinate the Interdisciplinary Public Health Minor. 

Social Hands 

Department Learning Outcomes

1.  Students will develop critical thinking skills in order to promote enhanced problem solving and decision making.

2.  Students will develop writing skills to the level of an entry level professional or a beginning graduate student.

3.  Students will develop ability to comprehend the complexity and diversity of human societies and cultures.

4.  Students will develop abilities to frame questions, design research projects, collect data, analyze data, and draw valid conclusions from these data.

5.  Students will develop ability to understand and apply the major conceptual orientations and theoretical frameworks used by their disciplines and/or professions.

Dr. Daniela Peterka-Benton, Chairperson

Department of Sociocultural and Justice Sciences

W363 Thompson Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-3205