Members of the Fredonia University Senate

2017 - 2018 University Senators


Adjunct and Contingent Faculty

Senator Name Department Term End  
Gregory Catalano   Athletics 2019
Anne Fearman English 2020
Susan McGee American Studies 2020
Rodney Garrison Visual & Performing Arts   2019
Amber Powell Mathematical Sciences 2019



Senator Name Department Term End 
David Stellhorn Theatre & Dance 2019
Leesa Rittelmann   Visual Arts & New Media   2020
  At Large  


School of Business

Senator Name   Department Term End 
Adam Cook Economics 2020
Lei Huang Business Administration 2019
Sungick Min Applied Professional Studies   2019
  At Large  


College of Education

Senator Name Department Term End  
Robert Dahlgren   Curriculum & Instruction 2019
Cindy Bird Language, Learning, & Leadership  2019
Laura Geraci At Large (Curriculum & Instruction)  2019



Senator Name Department Term End  
Angela McGowan   Communication 2019
Saundra Liggins English 2020
David Kinkela History 2018
Brian Boisvert Modern Languages and Literature   2019
Neil Feit Philosophy 2019
John Arnold At Large 2020


Interdisciplinary Studies

Senator Name Department Term End  
Jennifer Hildebrand   Interdisciplinary Studies   2020



Senator Name Department Term End
Scott Richmond Library 2020


School of Music

Senator Name Department Term End
Sean Duggan School of Music 2019
Rob Deemer School of Music 2020
Julie Newell School of Music 2019
P.J. Corron At Large (School of Music) 2019


Natural Sciences

Senator Name Department Term End  
Todd Backes Biology 2019
Mike Scialdone Computer Science 2018
Gordon Baird Geosciences 2019
Meral Arnavut Mathematical Sciences   2020
Peter Mattocks   Physics 2019
Ted Lee At Large 2020


Professional Staff

Senator Name Department Term End
Markus Kessler Finance and Administration | Facilities Planning 2019
Khristian King Enrollment and Student Services | Intercultural Center 2020
Jeffrey Woodard University Advancement | Media and Marketing 2018
Jennifer Wilkins At Large (Engagement and Economic Development) 2019
Erin Mroczka At Large (Enrollment and Student Services) 2019
  Academic Affairs  
  At Large  


Social Sciences

Senator Name Department Term End 
Marc Wilcox Communication Disorders & Sciences    2020
Ivani Vassoler    Political Science 2019
Michael Aiello Sociocultural Justice Sciences   2020
Darrin Rogers Psychology 2019
Randy Hohle At Large 2019


At-Large Academics

Senator Name Department Term End 
David Kaplin Humanities (English)  2018
Vernon Huff School of Music 2018
Michael Markham School of Music 2018
Ici Vanwesenbeeck   Humanities (English) 2019
Robert Rogers Natural Sciences (Mathematics)   2020


Student Senators

Senator Name Position
Joshua Ranney Student Association, President
Katherine Grabowski    Student Association, Vice President  
Mary Kay Taylor Senior Class Representative
Kimberly Gernatt Junior Class Representative
Jillian Beard Sophomore Class Representative
Jordan Francois First-Year Class Representative
Justin Barnard Graduate Student Representative


Ex-Officio University Senate Members

Name Position
Brian Masciadrelli Senate Chairperson
Jennifer Costa Senate Vice Chairperson
Kevin Hahn Senate Secretary
Cynthia Smith Senate Governance Officer
Bruce Simon University Faculty Senator
Ginny Horvath President, State University of New York at Fredonia
Terry Brown Provost and V.P. for Academic Affairs
Judy Horowitz Assoc. Prov. for Grad. Studies, Spons. Res., Fac. Dev.
Lisa Hunter Assoc. Prov. for Curriculum, Assessment, Academic Support
Kevin Kearns V.P. for Engagement and Econ. Development
Cedric Howard V.P. for Enrollment and Student Services
Mike Metzger V.P. for Finance and Administration
Betty Gossett Interim V.P. for University Advancement
Darin Schulz Executive Director of Faculty Student Association
Dan Tramuta Associate V.P. for Enrollment Services
Steve Rieks Director of Administrative Computing
Andy Karafa Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Ralph Blasting Dean of College of Visual and Performing Arts
Chris Givner Dean of College of Education
Russell Boisjoly Dean of School of Business
Scott Saunders Registrar
William Boerner Director of Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion



University Senate

State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063