Psychology Internships

Internship Opportunities

A student's education in psychology need not include only standard lecture, discussion, and laboratory courses. Fredonia offers undergraduate students an opportunity to do an internship in psychology. Experiences gained during an internship may assist students in making decisions regarding careers and increase the competitiveness of their applications for graduate study. We provide hands-on experiences in the areas of counseling, clinical psychology, school psychology, human resources, and community psychology. Those students who choose to do a counseling/clinical internship will have an opportunity to work with a trained counselor, observe various mental disorders, and develop their counseling skills. Other students elect to do an internship in school settings, gaining experience in school counseling, observation, and/or testing of children. Some of the settings where we have placed students include group homes for adolescents with behavior problems, domestic violence shelters, psychiatric hospitals, schools, human resources departments, and correctional facilities.

The deadline for applications is November 11 for Spring internships, and April 15 for Summer and Fall internships.

For a list of prerequisites needed for a psychology internship, click here.

Here is a link to the form you should use to submit your application materials for internship for internships starting Summer 2016 and later. The internship director for Spring 2017, Dr. Darrin Rogers, will contact you at a later date for more information, or to let you know the status of your application.



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