Psychology Department Accomplishments


On April 10, 2016, the Psychology Department held its Psi Chi initiation ceremony and reception. In addition to the Psi Chi initiation, several department awards were given, including the Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Award, the Psychology Merit Award, and the Virginia Sexton Medallion. The awardees for the academic year 2015-2016 were as follows:

Psychology Merit Award: Katelyn DeChard, Courtney Smith, Curtis Wojcik

Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Award: Jennifer Beaton, Holly Lavin, Sydney Menigoz, Curtis Wojcik


On April 16, 2016, several of our Psychology majors presented research projects at the 44th Annual Western Pennsylvania Undergraduate Psychology Conference held at Gannon University in Erie, PA. The names of the presenters and the names of their faculty mentors are:

Measuring Sexual Aggression-Related Implicit Theories: Belief In The Unknowability Of The Opposite Sex.  Richard Belz & Elayna Kinney (Dr. Darrin Rogers, mentor)

Hostile And Benevolent Sexism, Belief In A Just World, And Rape Myth Acceptance In A Female, Hispanic Sample. Sara Butler (Dr. Darrin Rogers, mentor)

Effects Of Race And Gender On The Perceptions Of Intelligence And Aggression. Katelyn DeChard & Taylor Kunkes (Dr. Darrin Rogers, mentor)

Dark Tetrad In Predicting Sexual Coercion And Aggession In Female Students. Taylor Kozuch, Brooke Park, & Jacquelyn Wertel (Dr. Darrin Rogers, mentor)

Perceptions Of Law Enforcement And Civilian Interactions As A Function Of Race And Gender. Emily Spain (Dr. Jack Croxton, mentor)


On April 28, 2016, many of our students were authors on research projects presented at the Fredonia Student Research & Creativity Exposition. Included below is a selection of these research projects:

Perceptions of Service Providers about Emerging Adults after Incarceration: Richard Belz & Mia Augostini (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Dani McMay)

Systems of Support for Emerging Adults after an Incarceration: Benjamin Carlson & Courtney Smith (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Dani McMay)

Effects of Race and Gender on Perceptions of Intelligence and Aggression: Katelyn Dechard & Taylor Kunkes (Faculty Sponsors:  Dr. Darrin Rogers & Dr. Jennifer Dyck)

Affective Forecasting and Decision Making: Teresa Braun, Stephanie Ahern, Rebecca Kohl & Bradley Volz (Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Joseph McFall)

The Dark Tetrad Personality Traits in Predicting Sexual Coercion and Aggression in Female Students: Brooke Park, Taylor Kozuch, & Jacquelyn Wertel (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Darrin Rogers)

Surveying Monetary Affective Forecasting: Jacob Abraham (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Joseph McFall)

Links between Hostile and Benevolent Sexism, Belief in a Just World, Rape Myth Acceptance, and Cultural Gender Role Beliefs in a Female Hispanic Sample: Sara Butler (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Darrin Rogers)

A Meta-Framework for Decision-Making Biases and Reasoning Errors: Bradley Volz (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Joseph McFall)

Feminism, Psychology, and Counseling: Nina Houck (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Lisa Denton)

Parents’ Experiences in a Community-Based Dialogic Reading Program: Delaney Dretto & Sydnee Worth (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen)

The Relationship between Locus of Control, Self-Esteem, and Exercise Behaviors: Patricia Whetstone, Matthew Linderman, & Mary Plum (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Jennifer Dyck)

International Students’ Perspective in America: Dongjin Jung (Faculty Sponsors:  Dr. Jack Croxton & Dr. Cheryl Drout)

Premodern Lesbianism as Compared to Modern Lesbian Feminism: Genevieve VanZile & Anneliese Bienko (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Jennifer Dyck)

Measuring Sexual Aggression-Related Implicit Theories:  Belief in the Unknowability of the Opposite Sex: Richard Belz & Elayna Kinney (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Darrin Rogers)

Gender and Extracurricular Leadership Position on the Perception of Others: Courtney Smith, Ashley Wise, & Jennifer Beaton (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Bruce Klonsky)

Perceptions of Law Enforcement and Civilian Interactions as a Function of Race and Gender: Holly Lavin, Brittany Graw, Emily Spain, & Allison Reding (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Jack Croxton)

The Developmental and Behavioral Effects of Neonatal Exposure to Lithium: Kelli Michel, Elizabeth Shaw, Aman Kumar, Matthew Bussman, Taylor Edington, Cassandra Weiner, Sydney Menigoz, Jennifer Breau, & Jessica Young (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Catherine Creeley)

What Your Pictures Say about You:  The Effects of Photo Context on Personality Judgment: Nicholas DiSarno, Meghan Flynn, & Daniel Spinner (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Jennifer Dyck)

Lateralized Priming and Recognition of Genuine Smiles: Sara Butler, Samantha Scalise, & Jennifer Kramer (Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Jennifer Dyck)


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