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Science & Literacy Conference 2016

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Kagan Training Summer 2016

*Win-win Discipline June 27-29

*Brain-friendly Teaching June 20- July 1

*Cooperative learning August 22-26

Teacher Candidate Training January 2016

Mentor Forums 2015-2016

Teacher Candidate Forums 2015-2016

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ELL Modules

   -Content Area Reading with ELLS

   -Accommodations for ELLs

NYSTESOL Presentations Nov 2015

-Not a Scientist? No Problem! (Cynthia Carlson)

-Let Your Students' Academic Language Literacy Emerge through Interactive Notebooks (Mary Allaire-Gifford)

NABE Presentation March 2015

-Coach Your Content Area Colleagues (Cynthia Carlson)

NYSTESOL Presentations Nov 2014

-Coaching Content Area Teachers: Infusing Academic Language Painlessly! (Cynthia Carlson)

*Emaze Presentation

*Presentation ppt version

*Handout- What's so Challenging about Academic Language

-In Their Own Words (Cynthia Carlson)

*Student Voices Booklet

SUNY Diversity Conference Presentation Nov 2014

-International Students’ Perspectives: Teaching & Learning in the U.S.


Science & Literacy Conference Presentation Oct 2014

-Meeting the Challenge of Academic Language (Cynthia Carlson & Jean Michielli-Pendl)

NYSTESOL Presentations Nov 2013

   -Using Jing! (Cynthia Carlson)



     *Anecdotal Data Sheet

   -Jumpstarters (Cynthia Carlson)


Project MAST2ER

Project MAST2ER is a five (5) year, federally funded National Professional Development grant program through Title III of the US Education Department, Office of English Language Acquisition (US ED, OELA). MAST2ER was awarded to the Research Foundation of SUNY at Fredonia, Sept 2011-Sept 2016. 

Mallette and TCs

  • Is a theory-to-practice research-based project tostrengthen mathematics and science teacher educationprogramsthrough infusing evidence-based practices and data-based decision making that inform instruction, particularly instruction of English learners (ELs)
  • Involves three groups of participants: mathematics and science teacher education facultymathematics and science teacher candidates, and mentor teachers in partner school districts
  • Offers professional development sessions in SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol), evidence-based practices, and data-based decision making in planning and implementing instruction for ELs; for example, Classwide Peer Tutoring, Numbered Heads Together, Classwide Tutoring Teams, and Response Cards
  • Utilizes technology to live stream and digitally capture demonstrations of SIOP elements, evidence-based practices, and data-based decision making by mentor teachers.

Project MAST2ER addresses three goals:

  • To increase opportunities for high-quality preparation of, or professional development for, teachers or other educators of STEM subjects
  • To increase preservice and inservice teachers’ capabilities to utilize more data-based decisions accurately in instruction and assessment of ELs
  • To support the use of instructional strategies effective in positively impacting academic performance of ELs in partner secondary schools.

Data will be examined at four levels:

  • State University of New York at Fredonia Faculty level - infusion of evidence-based practices and data-based decision making into courses
  • Teacher Candidate level – implementation of evidence-based instructional practices and data-based decision making into coursework, Teacher Work Samples, and field experiences
  • Mentor Teacher level – inclusion of evidence-based practices and data-based decision making in lessons with ELs; mentorship of mathematics and science teacher candidates
  • Pupil level – review of pupil performance in lessons, classroom assessments, and New York State assessments.


Project MAST2ER Team Members


State University of New York at Fredonia

Cynthia Jonsson, MS Ed   
Project Director

Barbara Mallette, PhD
Holly Lawson, PhD
Co-Principal Investigators

Cynthia Carlson, MS Ed
Program Coordinator

Tammy Sweet
Project Secretary

Jean Michielli Pendl, MS Ed
Implementation Coach

 Doug Pendl, MS Ed
Technology Consultant

Keary Howard, PhD
Teodora Cox, PhD
Curriculum Consultant, Mathematics

Kathleen Lesniak, PhD
Curriculum Consultant, Science


School District Partners

Judy Diem
Data Coordinator

Dunkirk City School District

Ed Hazen
ESL Coordinator

Dunkirk City School District

Tamu Reinhardt
ESL Coordinator

Jamestown Public Schools


External Evaluator

Daniel Webb, PhD
Catalyst Research, LLC

Project Mast2er

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State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-3240