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We are moving the former "Progress Report" to the web. We would like to have the most up-to date information possible, so encourage all alumni to submit their latest news and contact information here. The web progress report will list alumni names, Fredonia major, graduation date and honors, engineering school and major (if applicable), job title, and firm or place of employment (contact information will NOT be published). If you would prefer to be totally unlisted or omit any of the above items, please indicate in the comments section. We are looking forward to hearing your news, and of course always appreciate feedback concerning our programs.

We are also establishing a network of alumni and current students on Facebook so they may share information on department events, jobs and internships, and just keep connected. To do this we have established a facebook group, Fredonia Friends of Physics and Cooperative Engineering, which we invite you to join!

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I would welcome email inquiries from current or prospective students concerning my experiences with Fredonia programs and engineering schools, and career information.

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