Dale Tuggy

Dr. Dale Tuggy
Professor of Philosophy
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Minor in Religious Studies
The State University of New York at Fredonia
Ph.D. Brown University

Office: Fenton 2102 (Office Hours)
Office Phone: 4892
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Dr. Tuggy's CV
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Dale Tuggy

Research Interests
Analytic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, History of Philosophy, World Religions.

Recent Publications

"Tertullian the unitarian," European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 2016

"Theories of Religious Diversity," Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015.

"Divine Deception and Monotheism," Journal of Analytic Theology 2, 186-209, 2014.

"On Bauckham's Bargain," Theology Today 70:2, 128-43, 2013.

"Constitution Trinitarianism: An Appraisal," Philosophy & Theology 25:1, 129-62, 2013.

"On Positive Mysterianism", International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 69:3, 205-26, 2011.

"Trinity", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2009, 2013, 2016.

Current Work
theories about religious diversity, monotheism, polytheism, and atheism, different ways to understand God

Recent Courses
Eastern Thought, World Religions, Divinity and Humanity, Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion, The Age of Reason and its Legacy, Early Modern Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Medieval Thought, Introduction to Philosophy, Critical Thinking

Department of Philosophy

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