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​Your University Leadership

​University Administration

President. Virginia S. Horvath, Ph. D., is our 13th president of The State University of New York at Fredonia.  She began serving as president on July 1, 2012. Her office is located at 138 Fenton Hall; she can be reached at ext. 3456. 

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Terry Brown, Ph. D.  She can be reached at ext. 3335; her office is located at 801 Maytum Hall.

Vice President for Administration, Kevin Seitz, can be reached at ext. 3109; his office is located at 501 Maytum Hall.

Vice President for Student Affairs. Cedric B. Howard Ph.D., can be reached at ext. 3271; his office is located in Gregory Hall, 2nd floor.

Interim Vice President for University Advancement. Betty Gosset, can be reached at ext. 3321; her office is located in the Foundation House.

Vice President for Economic Development and Engagement. Kevin P. Kearns, Ph.D., can be reached at ext. 3808; his office is located at 701 Maytum Hall.  

Associate Vice President for Information Technology/ Chief Information Officer. Steve Rieks can be reached at ext. 3407; his office is located at 118 Maytum Hall  

Associate Provost for Curriculum, Assessment and Academic Support . Lisa Hunter, Ph.D., can be reached at ext. 3717; her office is located at 810 Maytum Hall.

Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, Sponsored Research, and Faculty Development . Judith Horowitz, can be reached at ext. 4708; her office is located at 803 Maytum Hall.

Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Andy Karafa, Ph.D., can be reached at ext. 3174; his office is located at 806 Maytum Hall.

Dean for the College of Education. Christine C. Givner, Ph.D., can be reached at ext. 3311; her office is located at 707 Maytum Hall.

Dean for the School of Business, Russell Boisjoly, Ph.D., can be reached at ext. 4813; his office is located at 709 Maytum Hall.

Dean for the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Ralph Blasting, Ph.D. can be reached at ext. 3174; his office is located at 807 Maytum Hall.


​College Senate

The College Senate is composed of representatives of the academic staff, the professional staff and student body, as well as ex officio members. The senate is concerned with effective educational policies and other professional matters within The State University of New York at Fredonia. Representatives are responsible for developing and implementing academic, research and service programs that benefit the university as a whole. Any faculty member may run for a seat in the senate. For more information, visit the Senate webpage

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​Your University's Programs and Services


Automatic teller machines are located throughout campus (three central locations are University Commons, McEwen Hall and Fenton Hall). Depending on your bank, a fee may be charged.

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The Connections Bookstore in the University Commons offers new and used textbooks; reference books; newspapers; gift items; office, art and computer supplies; health and beauty aids; greeting cards and stamps; and clothing. The Connections Bookstore also has items available for sale at their online location.

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Copy Center. The full-service Copy Center is located at E357 Thompson Hall (ext. 3598). Services require your PIN number. You will receive two PINs: one for university use, and one for personal use.

Building/Departmental Copiers. Self-service copiers can be found in many buildings and in some departments on campus. Check with your colleagues about the location of one nearest you. Each time you use a copier, you must enter the appropriate PIN number on a keypad located near the machine, followed by the # sign. 

Library. You may also make copies when you are in Reed Library. Just go to the circulation desk and ask to use the copy machine there. The staff will ask you to complete a short form that, among other things, will require your department's charge number.

Manuscripts. The Grants Administration Research Services Office, located at E230 Thompson Hall (ext. 3528 or 3569), will copy, collate and mail manuscripts you are submitting for publication at no charge to you. They are wonderful people and extremely helpful!

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​Credit Union

Faculty may join the campus credit union, which offers a wide variety of services including free checking; savings, holiday and vacation accounts; and loans. Find more information about available services online. The credit union is located at temporarily in the Modular units in the Dods Hall parking lot (ext. 3585).

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​Faculty Student Association (FSA)

FSA is a New York State not-for-profit corporation that operates The State University of New York at Fredonia's auxiliary services, which include food services, vending machines, the Connections bookstore, FREDCards, and check cashing. All faculty, staff and students are considered members of FSA and are eligible to vote for representatives on the FSA Board of Directors during the organization's annual meeting each spring. The main offices of FSA are located just off the lobby in Gregory Hall. 

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The State University of New York at Fredonia offers a variety of food service:

  • Dining halls with food stations and buffets are located in the Cranston Marché in the University Commons.
  • Connections food court is located on the ground floor of the Williams Center
  • Signature Cafes offering sandwiches, soup and baked goods are located in Fenton Hall, Mason Hall, McEwen Hall, Steele Hall, and the Williams Center. For more information, hours of operation and sample menus, visit the FSA website.

Meal plans. Although cash is accepted at the various food service locations, FSA offers a prepaid account on your FREDCard that is designed to offer you the convenience of eating anywhere on campus without having to carry cash. Using this debit card feature with your FREDCard at any dining hall will discount the meal.

The FSA office is located on the first floor of Gregory Hall (ext. 3417).

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Your FREDCard is a multipurpose identification and account card. The card provides photo identification and serves as your library card. The card is also a debit card for those who have a balance in their The State University of New York at Fredonia Debit Account. This prepaid, taxable declining balance account offers a convenient, flexible payment option that is accepted at a wide range of campus locations, including food services, vending machines, the bookstore, and copiers. FREDCards automatically come with a The State University of New York at Fredonia Debit Account; you just need to deposit funds into it ($15 minimum). FREDCards may be obtained through the FSA on the first floor of Gregory Hall (ext. 3417). There is no cost for your FREDCard.

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​ITS Service Center

The mission of the ITS Service Center, run by Information Technology Services, is "to provide a initial point-of-contact for administrative, faculty, staff and students' telephone, face-to-face and e-mail requests for assistance relating to computer hardware and software installations and problems."  Campus-wide assistance includes, but is not limited to, the installation, configuration, individualized instruction, troubleshooting and resolution of computers and related software, hardware and peripherals; labs; "smart" classrooms; and e-mail.

The ITS Service Center can be reached at ext. 3150 and requests for help can be entered via FredQuest. More detailed information can be found on their website. The office is located at W203 Thompson Hall.

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​Information Technology Services (ITS)

In addition to operating the ITS Service Center and overseeing e-mail service, ITS operates The State University of New York at Fredonia's "smart" classrooms, offers professional development opportunities, and provides academic support including optical scanning forms, database searches and listserv management. The ITS website as a complete list of services. The State University of New York at faculty members also are able to purchase computer hardware and software through ITS.

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​Learning Center

The State University of New York at Fredonia's Learning Center provides academic support to all students at the university. The center offers peer tutoring on a drop-in basis in most subject areas. Supplemental instruction for "high risk" courses, English as a Second Language assistance, and academic assistance for Full Opportunity Program students also are available.

Support services are available for students with documented physical or learning disabilities who identify themselves to the Office of Disability Support Services for Students (ODSSS) located in the Learning Center. You will receive a letter from ODSSS if you have students in any of your classes who have identified themselves with the office. The letter will outline what special assistance students need from the instructor, such as:

  • reduced-distraction testing environment
  • extended time for tests
  • oral testing
  • test readers
  • use of a writer in test situations
  • use of word processing for essay tests
  • enlargement of written materials
  • tape recorded classes
  • books on tape
  • notetakers
  • use of a calculator
  • use of a dictionary or electronic spelling device

ODSSS can assist instructors in making any necessary arrangements for students; testing rooms are available at the Learning Center. The Learning Center is located on the fourth floor of Reed Library. Call the staff at ext. 3550 or visit the center's website for more information.

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Reed Library is centrally located off the first floor of McEwen Hall. Your FREDCard serves as your library card; however, it needs to be activated first. To do this, simply stop by the library checkout desk at any time. Library resources such as online full-text journal collections, databases, reference materials and e-books are available around the clock by accessing the library's website. If the library doesn't have what you're looking for, resources may be located through the The State University of New York at system's Interlibrary Loan Office. Visit the library's Web site to request ILL materials and to find general information, such as hours.

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A number of listservs are available, should you choose to join them. The ITS Service Center maintains a list of these listservs.

PROFTALK is used most frequently by faculty. Click here to view instructions on how to join PROFTALK or any of the other listservs.

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Several maps providing an overview of the The State University of New York at Fredonia campus are available.

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​ITS Service Center

The ITS Service Center, located at W203 Thompson Hall (ext. 3407), houses four computer labs, in addition to a graphics lab, preview facilities, and multimedia equipment. Center staff can provide assistance to faculty in producing classroom materials, videotaping, and checking out equipment for classroom presentations. 

Visit the ITS Service Center website for a complete list of hours and services.

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Faculty permits. Faculty members must register their vehicles and obtain a parking permit to park on campus. Permits are available for $5 at the Office of Student Accounts, located at E148 Thompson Hall (ext. 3236). Parking permit forms are available for downloading

There is a $15 fine for vehicles found without permits or parked illegally.

Parking lots and regulations. A campus map with labeled parking lots will help you locate the nearest parking. For a complete overview of parking regulations, visit the The State University of New York at Fredonia Police website. Be forewarned: the lots fill up early and finding a good spot after 8:30 a.m. may be a challenge.

Visitor passes. Parking meters are located throughout the campus for visitors. Parking passes for guest speakers and other visitors to the campus also may be obtained at no charge through the University Police, ext. 3333.

Park and Ride. A free shuttle service is provided between the Park and Ride Lot, Symphony Circle and The Williams Center. The Park and Ride Lot is located off of Ring Road between the softball field and the Services Complex. The Symphony Circle stop is in front of Maytum Hall and the Williams Center stop is located on the side facing Dods Hall. Click here for more information and hours.

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The State University of New York at Fredonia has a wonderful, complete Web site that should answer nearly any question you have. Of special convenience is the ability to download forms for academic and human resource needs. Take the time to see what this site has to offer. 

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​Your Connection

Your Connection provides you with a variety of helpful information regarding courses, class rosters, and student and advisee information. Your Connection is also the place to submit grades. The log in screen for Your Connection will walk you through the process of obtaining the appropriate User ID and password for both Your Connection and eServices. The eServices username and passoword is required to access all of your newly created electronic accounts, including e-mail and OnCourse.

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​Your Advisees


Advising load. Advising loads vary substantially by department; however, the role of advising is consistent throughout campus. Please familiarize yourself with the Advising Manifesto.

Course registration. Shortly after halfway through each semester, students will register for courses for the following semester. Students must meet with their advisor prior to course selection. Dates for the advising period are listed in the Academic Affairs Master Calendar distributed at the beginning of the academic year. During the course registration period, additional office hours will typically be needed in order to meet with all of your students. In most departments, the secretary will give you a schedule for you to complete and post on your door so students can sign up to meet with you. You'll find it helpful to carefully review where students stand with respect to the College Core Curriculum (CCC) and the major before you meet with them (see additional information below). If you have any questions regarding The State University of New York at Fredonia policies and/or the situation of any student, it is wise to check with a knowledgeable colleague, with your chair, and/or with the Advising Office or the Registrar's Office. Your advisees are supposed to come to you prepared with their first choice of courses, as well as backup courses. Feel free to ask unprepared students to reschedule. 

Just prior to the advising period, you will receive three items for each student: mid-term grades, a CCC update, and a registration card. Departments vary somewhat in terms of how student mid-term grades are handled. In some departments, you will receive two copies, one for the student and one for the student's file; in other departments, you'll receive only one copy of the mid-term grades. If that is the case, the copy you receive is for the student; another copy is already in the student's file. The CCC update should be reviewed prior to meeting with students to make sure it matches the checklist in their folders. The registration card is given to students during the advising meeting after course selection has taken place. The card has a PIN that allows the students to register online; it also lists the date and time students are allowed to register. During the registration period, seniors are offered first selection of courses, followed by juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

Course requirements. At The State University of New York at Fredonia, students receive both a general and specialized education. General education requirements are met by the CCC. Each student's file will contain a CCC checklist to ensure these requirements are being met. 

Majors and minors. Depending on your department, some of your advisees may not have yet declared a major. According to university policy, students may declare a major before earning 30 semester hours of credit, except in some professional programs, and must make the declaration of program prior to earning 60 semester hours of credit. When advising students who have not yet declared a major, advising emphasis tends to be on fulfilling CCC requirements and, of course, on selecting a major. Once a student has declared a major, in addition to fulfilling the requirements of the CCC, attention is also given to fulfilling the requirements of the major program. Although some major programs do require students to have and to complete a minor, this is not a university requirement. Requirements for minors in various departments are listed in the College Catalog.

Student files. Student files are typically kept in the department office. Information on your advisees, such as contact information, unofficial transcripts, and course schedule, can also be found in Your Connection.

Support. The State University of New York at Fredonia has a wonderful Academic Advising with an extremely helpful staff ready to answer your questions. The Academic Advising is located at 2148 Fenton Hall (ext. 3188). The staff conducts orientation for all new faculty and posts important information on their website.

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Students may locate internships on their own, with your help, or through the Career Development Office, located in Gregory Hall (ext. 3327). Academic credits are awarded according to the following formula:

3 to 4 hours per week: 1 credit

6 to 8 hours per week: 3 credits

10 to 15 hours per week: 6 credits

20 to 25 hours per week: 9 credits

30 to 35 hours per week: 12 credits

37 to 40 hours per week: 15 credits

For complete internship guidelines, visit the internship pages on the CDO website.

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​Study Abroad Programs

The International Education Center arranges more than 400 study abroad programs in 53 countries for students. Visit the website or contact them for more information in LoGrasso Hall, ext. 3451.

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​Your Courses

​Course Development

Development of new and existing courses is encouraged. Departments vary in terms of how they review and approve new courses or change existing courses. Check with your department chair about your department's policies and procedures. It is also wise to discuss possible developments/changes with your chair. To propose a new course or make a change in an existing one, simply complete a Course Proposal Form and forward to the department chair. For existing courses, approval is required for changing the title, prerequisite(s), catalog description, distribution of hours, course number, or number of credits. Once a new course or a change in an existing course has been approved at the departmental level, it goes through a review and approval process through the appropriate dean and the university's Academic Affairs Committee. 

If you are proposing that a new or existing course be considered as one that will meet CCC requirements, the form must be forwarded to the appropriate dean who, upon approval, sends the proposal along to the CCC Committee. All course request forms are available here.

Program change. If academic requirements will change as a result of the addition of a new course or changes to an existing, a Program Change Request Form must be completed and forwarded to the department chair. Once more, after departmental approval, the course moves into The State University of New York at Fredonia's review and approval process. 

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​Course Schedules

Usually, shortly after the beginning of each semester, department chairs start the process of putting together the department's course offerings and teaching schedule for the following semester. Initially the chair is working simply to "call out" or identify the courses that will be offered in the forthcoming semester, but soon thereafter, the chair needs to identify who is teaching which courses and when they will be taught. If you have specific classroom needs (e.g., needing a "smart" classroom), you need to make sure that your chair knows of those needs at this time so that he/she can try to make appropriate arrangements with the registrar's office. The Course Offering Bulletin for the following semester is then distributed mid-way through the current semester, prior to the advising period. The Course Offering Bulletin specifies your classrooms for each of your courses and it also indicates when your final exams will be scheduled.

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You will need to copy extra syllabi for administrative purposes. Check with your department secretary to find out how many copies will be required. We also recommend that you place your Syllabi on OnCourse.

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Each semester, Connections Bookstore will send you textbook order forms for the following semester. You must place your book order with the Connections Bookstore. You may also be approached by bookstores that operate off-campus, as well. If you wish, you may indicate to them which books you expect to be using for that semester.

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​Your Classroom

​Audio/Visual Equipment

The ITS Service Center has a wide range of equipment available. The department is located at W203 Thompson Hall (ext. 3407).

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​SMART Classrooms

Some classrooms on the The State University of New York at Fredonia campus are equipped with sophisticated audio/visual equipment. Smart classrooms include a teaching station, computer, video/data projector, touch panel, VHS cassette deck, Elmo electronic overhead, audio system and laptop connectivity. ITS maintains a complete list of Smart classrooms and their availability. If you would like to teach a course in a smart classroom, request a room when you submit your course schedule for the following semester. 

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​Your Students


Students are allowed to add and/or drop courses for a brief period at the beginning of each semester. Deadlines are listed in the Academic Affairs Master Calendar that is distributed at the beginning of each academic year. "Adds" are required to have the signature of the instructor teaching the course being added; "drops" do not require the instructor's signature. Note: Students are only permitted to add a course if there are seats available in the classroom. When the number of students, plus the instructor, reaches the classroom occupancy maximum, students will not be permitted to add.

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​Class Rosters

Class Rosters and student information are available through Your Connection. Once you are logged in to Your Connection choose the Faculty and Advisors link.

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Once the drop period at the beginning of the semester is over, students may withdraw from a course up until the deadline published in the Academic Affairs Master Calendar (usually the seventh week of classes). Withdrawals require approval from a student's advisor or department chair. A fee will be charged.

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​Your Office

​Computer Assistance

The ITS Service Center will assist you with any questions or problems encountered with the computer in your office or any lab.

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Your The State University of New York at Fredonia e-mail account will be set up by Information Technology Services. General instructions for e-mail are located on the ITS website.

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​Fax Machines

Fax machines are located throughout the campus. Check with your department secretary or chair to find out where the nearest fax machine can be found. Faxes being sent outside the local calling area will require your PIN.

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See your department secretary for keys.

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Each department either has a mail room or an area where its mailboxes can be found. This is where you will pick up your daily mail, as well as place campus mail and U.S. mail. Department stationary and envelopes of various sizes are also located in each department. For U.S. mail, be sure your department's "charge" code is stamped or written on envelopes under the return address. If you have personal mail, you should use your own stamps. Stamps may be purchased at the credit union or the bookstore.

​Office Hours

You may set your own office hours. It is The State University of New York at Fredonia policy that full-time faculty should be available on campus for at least four days a week and have formal office hours posted of at least five hours per week. Part-time faculty commitment should be scaled down proportionately. Post your schedule outside your door at the beginning of each semester and include the information on your syllabi.

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Office supplies are available through your department. Most common supplies are ordered by your department secretary from the university's central storehouse. You should see your department secretary to order items not stocked by the department. Departments have limited funds to purchase necessary items that are not stocked by the storehouse. 

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Internal extensions. To reach another office on campus, simply dial the office's extension (the four numbers following "673").

Local calls. Dial "9" to get an outside line for local calls.

Long distance calls. Just as when making copies, you will be assigned two PIN numbers for making phone calls: one for university use, and one for personal use. When making a long distance call, dial "8" and wait for the dial tone. Dial the telephone number (including 1 + area code). When you hear a steady tone, enter the appropriate five-digit PIN code (college or personal). 1-800 numbers may be dialed directly by dialing "9" for an outside line.

PIN Numbers. Pin numbers for new faculty and staff to use for long distance calls are not automatically generated.  The department secretary or the department chair must send an email request to Judy Langworthy at  The request must include the new employee's full name, campus address, and account number to be charged for business use.  A letter containing the pin codes will be sent in the campus mail to the new employee.

Voicemail.  For information on how to set up or use your voice mailbox, please contact University Services at ext. 3257.

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​Your Job

​Personnel Policies

Your department has a set of personnel policies, which includes information on its procedures and its criteria for reappointment, promotion, tenure, discretionary increases, etc.  You can obtain it from either your department secretary or your chair. It's very important to understand what is expected and how the various personnel actions will proceed. It's equally important to develop an understanding of the norms your department has for the materials you will offer in presenting your case.

In addition to departmental criteria, The State University of New York at Fredonia has established guidelines on the evaluation of teaching for tenure-track faculty and faculty seeking promotion. A copy of this report is located at the end of this guide.

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​Reappointment Schedule

Each year at the beginning of the fall semester, Academic Affairs circulates its Master Calendar for the academic year. One key item is an indication of the timetables for various personnel actions. Make sure to give yourself ample time to prepare whatever materials you will need to present for any personnel actions you'll face during the academic year. 

The typical pattern for new tenure track faculty members is that they are reviewed by their departments in late November or early December for reappointment for their second year. During their second year, tenure track faculty members are reviewed twice by their departments: first in November for reappointment for their third year and then in late April or early May for their fourth year. Subsequent departmental reappointment actions take place in February (during the third year for the fifth year, during the fourth year for the sixth year, and during the fifth year for the seventh year). As the time approaches for your review, you should check with your department chair for the exact date by which you'll be expected to have your materials prepared and the date for any departmental personnel meeting you'll be expected to attend regarding your case. 

Note:  The Master Calendar also indicates the time frames within which you can expect to learn of the recommendations of your dean and of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and, finally, of the decision of the President.

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Professional Development Center (PDC)

126 Reed Library
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-4864