Science and Technology at Fredonia

Fredonia has a rich tradition of excellence in the study of all areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Technology (STEM) and in science teacher certification. Our students enjoy interacting with master teachers in small class settings that encourage interdisciplinary teaching and learning. We also emphasize experiential education with significant laboratory coursework, independent research and internship opportunities.

STEM Programs at Fredonia

Undergraduate Programs

Biological Sciences


Computer and Information Sciences

Environmental Sciences


Mathematical Sciences


Teacher Certification Programs:

There are several paths for teacher certification at Fredonia. Adolescence education programs in all areas of natural science and mathematics lead to initial NYS certification. Professional certification can be granted through the Masters in Science Education: Mathematics or the Master of Science in Education: Curriculum & Instruction. Individuals with a B.S. degree in a natural science can earn an initial certification in adolescence education with the Masters of Arts in Teaching program.

Initial Certification

Professional Certification

Graduate Programs


Dr. Holly Lawson
Project Shepherd

Andy Karafa
Dean, College of Liberal
Arts & Sciences

Markus Kessler
Director of Facilities Planning

Betty Gossett
Interim Vice President for University Advancement & Executive Director of the Fredonia College Foundation

Fredonia Science Center

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