Student Record Label Testimonials

Testimonials are from the Spring 2013 Class

I found the Student Record Label to be an immensely useful learning experience. In the class I learned real life skills such as networking and radio promotion, which I have utilized outside of school to help with my band. The class gives students a dynamic look at what to expect working in the music industry.
Max Vanliew
Student record label is the most hands-on experience we get within the music industry major. With the knowledge I gained from this class, I was able to put together a 17 day east coast tour for my own band. The topics we learn in class definitely have real world applications.
Richard Coates
My experience with Fredonia's Student Record Label was not only an incredible learning experience, but extremely gratifying. The opportunity to work together in developing our band’s presence as well as our own skills was incomparable. As a first year law student, I already feel my involvement with Student Record Label (and all its hard-working members) is helping to supplement my academic and professional success.
Alexia Mickles
This course allowed me to explore the music industry in ways not available through anything else I’ve been involved in. I was able to volunteer for whichever position suited me the best; giving me the opportunity to hone my skills to a higher level. I felt like a business partner to the record label band, So Far So Good, rather than just a student.


Justin Ostrowski

The Student Record Label class is unlike any other class I have taken in my four years here. Instead of being graded with tests or papers, you are graded on whether or not you get your job done. You are asked to work alongside your peers while managing and promoting a real band. Not only does this prepare us for our future careers, but it helped us make great contacts for when we graduated. The real world experiences I had in this class will be one of the best things I take out of my education here at Fredonia.
Jonathan Higgins
The Student Record Label class was really helpful for me to get a taste of what it’s like to actually work within the music industry. Doing hands on work with a real band in the real world was a great experience. Your grade is based on the work you do, much like a performance evaluation at a job. Before the SRL class, I only had an idea of what working with a band is like, but now I have that experience and feel prepared to take my skills off campus and into the world.

Phillip Bowen

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