Student Record Label Responsibilities

Electronic Press Kit Team
The Electronic Press Kit team is responsible for the artistic direction and content of the artist’s Electronic Press Kit.This includes creating, updating and distributing the EPK to all potential connections.

Graphic Design
The graphic design team creates promotional images (such as album covers and logos) that will represent the artist as well as the label.

The Liaison is responsible for communication between the artist and the label. He/she also acts, in some respects, as a manager making sure that the artists have what they need from the label.

The Merchandise team is responsible for designing, pricing, and selling the artist’s merchandise.

The Photography team is responsible for obtaining, editing, and preparing live and promotional photographs of the artist. Members of this team may be responsible for taking pictures, as well as being present at photo shoots.

Product Manager
Product Managers coordinate the class operations, organize and implement the tasks of the label and are responsible for all of the departments completing their work.

Product Development
The Product Development department is responsible for cultivating the image of the artist. It is up to this department to select and execute the artist’s non-musical artistic direction through photography, merchandise, the official website and other facets.

The Promotion and Booking team is responsible for booking shows and working directly with venue owners, promoters and other bands to create concert opportunities for the artist. This also includes promoting events through print and online sources.

Public Relations
The Public Relations department is responsible for creating and organizing a media campaign to generate a rich fan base, as well as a positive image for the artist through print and online sources.

The Radio team is responsible for obtaining radio play for the artist, as well as following up with stations to receive feedback, and tracking information on the artist’s track(s). This also includes working to build connections with radio stations for prolonged relationships.

Social Media
The Social Media Team is responsible for the artist’s media campaign on all relevant social networking sites, as well as researching new social networking possibilities.

Street Team
The Street Team is responsible for maintaining and coordinating a local fan base, running the Street Team Social Media group, and promoting upcoming events.

Web Design
The Web Design team develops, maintains and updates the artist’s official website. Members of this team also collect and translate the class’ ideas into an online presence.

Music Industry Coordinator - Professor Armand Petri

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