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Please add a description of this image.The student record label is a non-traditional course in which students are given the opportunity to work directly with a band to develop the essential skills to succeed in the music industry. The course is run entirely by students with guidance from platinum selling record producer and manager, Armand Petri. Students are given the chance to take on a position of a professional record label in which they are completely responsible for their duties.

Each position is filled on a volunteer basis by the students, everything from band manager to website developer, merchandiser to radio promoter and so on. Check out the label responsibilities for a detailed list of all positions available to students currently enrolled in the course.

Many great opportunities are available through this course, explore the site and learn more about this exciting teaching experience!

Follow our updates in the Music Industry Program to always see what's happening in HAIL! Fredonia Records! 

Vacant Chair

Fall 2015 Project: Vacant Chair

Ladies First, comprised of the Ramsey sisters, partners with John Lombardo, Jerry Augustyniak, Ken Hardley, and Ed Croft to bring you this Civil War classic tune. Check it out now on Google Play.

Spring Project 2014: WhyHunger

HAIL! Fredonia Records is proud to be partnering with WhyHunger, a global not-for-profit organization fighting to end hunger and ensure access to nutritious food for all. We have united to promote our remake of “Sweet Tuesday Morning.”


Fall Project 2014: Sweet Tuesday Morning

Ladies First has created its rendition of the classic Badfinger hit, “Sweet Tuesday Morning.” Members Savannah King and Mary Ramsey (vocalist of 10,000 Maniacs) join forces with Joey Molland of Badfinger for this unique collaboration.


Spring Project 2014: Melina's White Light

HAIL! Fredonia partnered with not-for-profit charity Melina’s White Light of Western New York to add in the fight against childhood cancer. Ladies First released the single “Believe in Angels” to raise awareness and funds.

Fall Project 2013: Believe in Angels

Ladies First recorded “Believe In Angels” at GCR Audio Recording Studios in Buffalo, NY. “Believe In Angels” is an original composition written to encourage online donations for charities. Savannah King, Grace Stumberg, and Tina Marie-Williams are the composers and performers of “Believe In Angels”. Individually, each artist has a prominent career in Western New York and have joined together to kick off the record label's new revolving group, Ladies First.

So Far So Good

Spring Project 2011: So Far So Good becomes HAIL! Fredonia's first project.

As an early program that began to cultivate the building blocks of success, the Music Industry Program took on its first opportunity at functioning as a student-run record label with the management of Buffalo's own So Far So Good.

Spring Project 2010: Recording Session with Tina Marie Williams

Singer/songwriter Tina Marie Williams was joined by Victor DeLorenzo of the Violent Femmes and John Lombardo and Mary Ramsey, '95, of 10,000 Maniacs with Fredonia faculty and students for a recording session in the Mason Hall sound recording technology studios April 13, 2010. The session and interviews were recorded by Fredonia Communication students.

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