Music Industry Club

What We Do

The Fredonia Music Industry Club (MIC) is a constituted group through the Student Association, run and organized by students. MIC is a great way to gain hands-on experience in a wide range of skills such as event planning, marketing, booking, contracting, and much more! MIC complements the Music Industry program while maintaining the freedom that comes from being a student group. Members of MIC gain the opportunity to network with students in the Music Industry major, students from other departments of the university, and outside members of the community. Throughout the semester, the club organizes a number of events such as the Life is Art Festival and the Battle of the New Bands as well as a number of on-campus concerts and off-campus shows. These allow for students to take charge and put the skills they learn to real world use.


MIC meets every Thursday at 8:30PM in Williams Center Room S204E.
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Email the MIC Secretary to stay up to date on MIC events and other opportunities!

The Executive Board

MIC Eboard

The E-board is responsible for running MIC and all of its events. They pride themselves on providing opportunities and hands-on experience to students not only in the Music Industry, but other areas of study as well. Elections for one-year terms occur every Spring in May. The current e-board includes:
President - Kyle Vertin
Vice President - Mikayla Mendels
Treasurer- Khristine Lyon
Secretary - Kim VanOpDorp
Promotions Chair- Ryan Daughenbaugh
Events Chair - Kris Harris
GA Representative - Gabby Carr

President: The elected President will maintain MIC by organizing and running as a whole, smoothly and respectfully, the workings of MIC and will take on any neglected duties as their own until said duties can be delegated to appropriate MIC executives.

Vice President: The elected Vice President of MIC will assist the President and the other executive board members as needed.

Secretary: The elected Secretary will keep track of Executive Board and General Body meetings as well as the attendance and paperwork needed for the success of MIC. This includes but is not limited to agendas/minutes for meetings.

Treasurer: The elected treasurer will ensure and take point in the budgetary and financial needs for all MIC related events, and report on activity as needed. The treasurer is responsible for planning and organizing the budget, and preparing for all SA budgeting processes.

Promotions Chair: The elected Promotions Chairperson will be responsible for the creation of all promotional materials for MIC events including but not limited to posters, handbills, Facebook events, and various social media outlets. They will also act as head of the Promotions Committee and report on the progress of the committee as needed.

Events Chair: The elected Events Chairperson will coordinate all MIC sponsored events and ensure that the club meets the appropriate event requirement as mandated by the Student Association. They will also oversee the Events Committee and report on the progress of the committee as needed, as well as relaying event details to the Promotions Chairperson for the production of promotional materials.

Fundraising Chair: The appointed Fundraising Chairperson will be responsible for planning and coordinating all fundraising efforts for MIC, and will work with other MIC Executives, and committees as well as other campus clubs. They will also act as the head of the fundraising committee and report on the progress of the committee as needed.

GA Representative: The appointed GA Rep will be responsible for attending and representing MIC at all meetings of the Student Association’s General Assembly. They will report back to the Executive Board and General Body on all proceedings and notify the President if prompt action is needed on any issues.

2015 - 2016 Events

Rhythm and Brews Concert Series

Yotality Fundraiser Concert

Battle of the New Bands

Millenium Music Conference 2016 Trip

Rock Out for Cancer

Paula Savastano Speaker Event

ArcAtlas Records Showcase

Life is Art Charity Festival

Have questions? Interested in MIC? Want to book a band? Contact us!

Music Industry Coordinator - Professor Armand Petri

W305 Thompson Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-4959
(716) 673-3506 fax