Michelle Cope

"Fredonia's music industry program provided me with an in-depth and hands-on experience in areas of copyright, contracts, publishing, and more. It provided the opportunities necessary to create and foster connections in the business, and getting me to the career I have today."

Michelle works for PS Business Management handling all finances related to an artist. Her day-to-day job consists of making budgets for tours and promotional runs, aiding in starting artist companies, and collecting and commissioning royalties. Although her field primarily has to do with finance, having a well-rounded understanding of the industry has been the key to her success.

Izzy Friedman

"The music industry core courses provided me with a thorough knowledge of intellectual property and the inner workings of the industry."

Izzy is working with After Dark Entertainment in Buffalo, NY as the Marketing and Administrative Director as well as a promoter repasentative. She has received much praise from industry professionals for her knowledge of the music business at such a young age. Looking back, she gives credit for the computer classes in the business core of the program that have helped her most in her work.

Nick Stephens

 "The program prepared me for the real world by teaching me how to network and roll with the punches. Armand was always full of great advice. The most valuable thing I took away from the program was that it's not about being in the right place at the right time, but putting yourself in the right place at the right time."

Nick is currently working for a tech team startup company, as well as doing consultation work for the Trep Agency. In addition, he is preparing for a Harry Potter-themed, "Wizard Fest," at Webster Hall this spring. The hands on skills Nick learned in the student record label and music marketing classes have provided insight on dealing with real-life situtions while on the road. 

Noelle Panepento

Noelle Panepento
"Setting yourself apart academically is a start, but education alone is not enough in this industry. What you are made of --your communicative skills, organization, creativity, professionalism, attitude -- is what will set you apart in this career; and that should all be fueled by a passion for music and the motivation to take yourself there no matter what."

Noelle Panepento's comprehensive education in Music Industry from Fredonia in addition to her professionalism, creativity, and positive attitude launched her immediate music career. As a Tour Manager for up-an-coming artist out of Nashville, Jamie Tate, Panepento is responsible for everything including but not limited to; bookings, lodgings, finances, organization, timely arrivals for artists, and overseeing band's comfort and professionalism. While in Nashville, she acts as a liaison between her artists and Management Company, Production Company, and sponsors. Panepento also mails out press kits, makes contacts, books gigs, attends meetings on the artists' behalf, and writes sponsorship proposals.

Jessica Weigand

Jessica Weigand

"The music industry is a tough field and requires a lot of off-the-wall ideas, but upon leaving Fredonia you will have an incredibly creative mind, and be a very sharp, passionate business person; that is a lethal combination in any field.”

Jessica Weigand only had one plan at 18, and that was to be in a place surrounded by music. She was lucky enough to find that place in Fredonia. The skills she learned in the music industry program allowed her to land a lob as the Marketing and Social Media Director for moe. / Fatboy Productions and the Marketing and Management Consultant for Whitesmith Entertainment. Her job includes coordinating with advertisers, venue promoters, festivals, photographers, etc. The most important part of her job is engaging and growing a fan-base for an artist. She claims the most important skill she took away from the program was how to communicate and bond with other people in order to network.





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