Michelle Cope

Please add a description of this image."Fredonia's music industry program provided me with an in-depth and hands-on experience in areas of copyright, contracts, publishing, and more. It provided the opportunities necessary to create and foster connections in the business, and getting me to the career I have today."

Michelle works for PS Business Management handling all finances related to an artist. Her day-to-day job consists of making budgets for tours and promotional runs, aiding in starting artist companies, and collecting and commissioning royalties. Although her field primarily has to do with finance, having a well-rounded understanding of the industry has been the key to her success.

Gabby Carr
Gabby Carr

"The major thing that I tell people about the program is that it can really be anything that you make it, it’s really up to you how involved you want to be or what you want to learn.  I was really interested in developing my skills as a musician and learning practical business skills to help me in the industry."

 Gabby graduated in 2017 with a B.S. in Music Industry and two minors in Jazz Studies and Communication. She gained more leadership experience through the Music Industry Club and the Student Record Label. Gabby was able to apply that to everything she did throughout her time at Fredonia. The knowledge Gabby has attained from the music industry program in copyright law and contracts has been useful in so many different scenarios, whether it be for her own music, an internship, or just working in a restaurant. Gabby believes the program will help to understand how multifaceted the industry is, the multiple areas you need to know, and that you might realistically have a job for something you’re not an expert in.

Megan Stade


"Professionalism, organization and multitasking are key. These are skills tested everyday in the Music Industry Program."

Megan graduated in the Spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Music Industry career and works as an Executive Assistant at Reiff & Associates an International Entertainment Insurance Brokerage Firm. Megan is regards networking highly. She keeps in contact with many Fredonia Alumni who are also working in New York City. She said "Once we know we've all come from same roots, automatically support and open up to one another personally and professionally even if we've never met. 

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