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Professional Development and Graduate Courses for Graduate and Continuing Education Students

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The School of Music at Fredonia offers a variety of courses for practicing teachers, graduate students, and preservice teachers. Please contact Dr. Katherine Levy for more information about earning a graduate degree in music education and Continuing Teacher and Leader  Education hours (CTLEs).


All course offerings subject to change/cancellation.


June 7-July 13: Analytic Techniques (MUS 624)
Online Course

Instructor: Ji Hyun Woo
The application of analytical methods, including Schenkerian reductive analysis, to Western tonal music since the latter 17th century. Includes the study of musical forms in Western music and entails a significant prose writing component. Enroll for 3 graduate credits.

June 9-10, 23-24: Music Bibliography (MUS 521)
Blended Course - blends face-to-face classes with online instruction

Instructor: Lisa McFall
An exploration of the resources and techniques needed for graduate studies in all areas of music. Students will learn to examine and critically evaluate music resources in both traditional and electronic forms, and will develop research strategies that can be adapted to many different areas of study. Through a variety of projects and in-class presentations, students will become better equipped to undertake graduate level music research, and to ultimately present that research with proper bibliographic style according to established scholarly conventions. Enroll for 3 graduate credits.

June 20 (5:00-7:30 pm), July 6, July 12-13, July 27: Foundations of Music Education II (MUED 620) Blended Course
blends face-to-face classes with online instruction

Instructor: Katherine Levy
Study of psychological and sociological foundations of music education, emphasizing current issues and developments. Particular application to curriculum and instruction in school music. Enroll for 3 graduate credits.

June 25-29: Wind Conducting Symposium (MUS 565)
Instructor: Paula Holcomb
The Fredonia Wind Conducting Symposium welcomes conductors of all levels explore score study, conducting techniques, repertoire options and selection criteria, rehearsal techniques, and ensemble techniques. Enroll for 3 graduate credits, for 38 CTLE hours as a conductor/ensemble member, or for 38 CTLE hours as an ensemble member/observer.

July 14-15: : Uke It Up in the Classroom!
Instructor:  Jill Reese
This two-day, weekend workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and experience to integrate ukulele into their music classroom and their community. Participants will build their own skills with ukulele and will explore strategies to support students to use the ukulele for performance, expression, and creativity. Enroll for 1 graduate credit or 14 CTLE hours.

July 16-20: Make Assessment Work! (MUED 618)
Instructor: Laura Dornberger
In this five-day seminar, participants will practice strategies for assessment of music students and music teacher performance and examine philosophies underlying assessment. Enroll for 3 graduate credits or 38 CTLE hours.

July 21-22: Community Music Education (MUED 565-02)
Instructor:  Sarah Marchitelli
In this weekend workshop, participants will discover and discuss connections between community music and music education and explore the world of arts-based non-profits and school-community music intersections. Enroll for 1 graduate credit or 14 CTLE hours.

July 23-27: Vocal Literature for Developing High School Voices
Instructor: Julie Newell
This five-day course will present in depth many standard solo works appropriate for young voices and emphasize the use of solo singing technique in the development of high school choruses. Additionally, this course provides pedagogical information to use in teachers' work with high school students who prepare for solo festivals and other audition opportunities. Highly recommended for those without collegiate vocal training, but all are welcome. Enroll for 3 graduate credit or 38 CTLE hours.

July 28-29: Little Kids Rock (MUED 555)
Instructor: Bryan Powell
In this weekend workshop, participants will gain resources and pedagogical skills to help students perform, improvise and compose using the popular styles that they know and love including rock, pop, reggae, hip hop, R & B and other modern styles using guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, vocals, technology, and computers. No experience is necessary. Enroll for 1 graduate credit or 14 CTLE hours.

July 29 – August 3: The Art of Improvisation (MUS 580)
Instructors: Dr. David Rudge, Mary Knysh
This five-day workshop is an exploration of free-improvisation, one of the NY State Standards, in an environment that is energetic, humorous and open-minded. David Rudge and the staff of Music for People will help you move beyond the inhibitions of musical training while playing at the peak of your technical and expressive ability in your preferred musical style. The Workshop is for musicians, vocal or instrumental, experienced in any musical tradition--classical, jazz, theatre, rock, ethnic, etc.  Prior experience in improvisation is not necessary. Please check the Music for People website <> for more information.  Enroll at for 3 graduate credits or at for 38 CTLE hours.

August 4-5: Cultural Diversity in Music Education: Issues and Pedagogies (MUED 565)
Instructor: Wenzhuo Zhang
In this weekend workshop, participants will acquire the knowledge, materials, and pedagogies to create authentic and enjoyable multicultural music lessons for students at all levels in both general music and ensemble settings. Using Chinese classical music as a model, participants shall gain insights to questions of music authenticity in curriculum and obtain accessible and attainable materials and skills they can use in their own classes. Enroll for 1 graduate credit or 14 CTLE hours.


All course offerings subject to change/cancellation.

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