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Susan Royal, Woodwind Area Head, Professor
Marlene Witnauer

About the Area:

As musicians, we are each blessed with a special gift, which enables us to express the deepest of emotions without a single word. Our first priority is discovering this heart of the music, always searching for the serenity, the angst, the anger, or the dance. However, in order to be able to express our musical ideas with ease, we must study all parameters and perspectives of music: music theory and history, as well as gain facility on our instrument through diligent study of tone, technique, rhythm and style. Other areas of study for flute majors include orchestral excerpts, modern techniques, Baroque ornamentation and improvisation, while the culminating capstone experience is the final recital.

Each flute student at Fredonia experiences his/her own individualized instruction, with the selection of studies and repertoire especially designed to meet the flutist’s unique needs. Lessons are a journey and collaboration between the teacher and student, so that personal wishes for repertoire or genre are honored, while balance, continuity and overall knowledge is assured. It is a teacher’s privilege and duty to nurture the student, both as a musician and as a person. Dr. Susan Royal and Ms. Marlene Witnauer strive to encourage excellence with an enthusiastic, positive approach.

In addition to lessons, flutists perform in Flutasia, the Fredonia Flute Ensemble, which features flute trios and quartets, as well as full ensemble works with piccolo, alto, and bass flute, sometimes accompanied by string bass, percussion, piano, dancers (or fog machine!). The members perform a wide variety of repertoire, one-on-a-part, and learn the art of ensemble playing.

The flute studio at The State University of New York at Fredonia has been widely recognized for accomplished, talented young players for decades. Almost every year, a winner of the School of Music’s highly coveted Performer’s Certificate is a flutist. Alumni have continued their studies at outstanding graduate programs, are performing in orchestras, and are teaching at the finest music programs across the state.

In addition, Fredonia flutists are known for being a kind and supportive group. They encourage each other, while life skills of teamwork and cooperation are fostered. For we seek to prepare our students fully for all of life’s challenges; to enhance skills, yes, but also to encourage the development of confidence, creativity, independent thinking and emotional growth. If you have any questions or concerns as you face this crossroads in your life, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Royal or Ms. Witnauer.


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