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Natasha Farny, Associate Professor

About the Area:

The Cello Class at Fredonia is one of the strongest studios on campus, both in terms of playing level and friendly associations. Through guided instruction every week in lessons, students focus on several personal goals over their four years. Among these goals are improving technique, extending creative and musical abilities, and learning how to communicate ideas to peers through solo cello and chamber music settings. Concerted efforts at technical improvement come about through the use of a variety of scale exercises and etude books that isolate left and right hand issues. Frequently, students will perform etudes in studio class to demonstrate their success and test their fluidity with a certain challenge. At Fredonia, students immerse themselves in the art of cello-playing by practicing together, discussing tips in studio class, and performing frequently.

Performance is a major factor in the life of a Fredonia music student. The Cello Class meets every week alternately for studio class and string area performance class. Opportunities to perform also occur in the yearly cello studio recital, end-of-semester chamber music recitals, and orchestra concerts. Cellists are often called to participate in fellow student recitals, college-wide celebrations and outside events requesting chamber music. Concerts involving faculty/student collaborations also occur with regularity, occasionally leading to concert trips around the state.

After graduation, many students pursue further degrees, either for education or performance. Students with an education degree from Fredonia are employed in numerous schools around the state and the Fredonia name is well-known for its solid education training. In the performance arena, students are encouraged to participate in multiple learning experiences, both on campus and elsewhere over winter and summer breaks. Jobs after graduation include positions in orchestras, touring groups and private studio teaching.

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