Math Departmental Scholarships

Department of Mathematical Sciences Scholarships

In the spring of each academic year, the faculty of the department makes recommendations concerning the awarding of scholarships for the next academic year. Awardees for a particular scholarship are selected in line with criteria established by those who endowed that scholarship; details are given below.

The Earl G. Mathewson Scholarship commemorates Mr. Earl G. Mathewson, a 1924 graduate of South Dayton High School who received a teaching certificate from the Fredonia Normal School in 1930. He spent 44 years teaching mathematics at all grade levels. The award, made possible through the generosity of Mr. Mathewson's family, is intended for a Mathematics/Adolescence Education or Middle Childhood Education/Mathematics Specialist major who demonstrates persistence in his or her studies. While the recipient should be in good standing, a high grade point average is not a primary measure. The recipient should show potential as a math educator.

The Frank R. Olson Mathematics Scholarship commemorates Dr. Frank R. Olson, who served as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics from 1967 to 1982. Dr. Olson, born in Sweden and raised in Jamestown, New York, received his B.A. in mathematics from Alfred University, M.A. in mathematics from Kent State University and Ph. D. in mathematics from Duke University. The scholarship was endowed by Dr. Olson's family and his colleagues in the department. The scholarship was established to recognize students in the mathematics program who have achieved exceptional academic success. Preference is given to students from Chautauqua County.

Recent Mathewson and Olson Scholarship Recipients in Mathematics

MACS Scholarship Grant from NSF

In 2004, the National Science Foundation(NSF) awarded State University of New York at Fredonia a four-year, $400,000 grant through its Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarship Program (CSEMS). The Mathematics and Computer Science (MACS) Scholarship Program supports approximately 30 students annually, at up to $3000. The program is aimed at expanding internship and research opportunities for mathematics and computer science students. For more information go to:

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Also via an NSF grant, State University of New York at Fredonia has established the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program, providing scholarships of up to $7500 annually to support students currently enrolled in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field seeking certification to teach science or mathematics in high-need middle schools or high schools. For more information on this program follow the link below:

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