Web Services

Andrea Wasiura
Web Administrator
office: 716-673-3407

Jonathan Woolson
Web Content Manager
office: 716-673-3323


About Web Services

Fredonia web services, including web design, content management, web training are provided and supported by Marketing and Communications, Information Technology, and the Professional Development Center.

The Fredonia web site is comprised of official and non-official content. Academic and administrative departments and supporting materials are designated as official web content. Personal pages created by faculty, staff and students, as well as user-generated content (blogs, forums, etc.) are considered non-official web content. Over 200 campus web authors create and maintain content, under the guidance of campus web policy and the University Web Content Manager.

All official Fredonia sites will be initially constructed with Drupal CMS by the University Web Content Manager in Marketing and Communications. Then, after receiving web training, the primary web author for the department is responsible to maintain the content.

All official web content must follow the Fredonia Web policy.

Need web help?

Use the Web Work Request form to request web site services.

Questions about website requirements or policies?

Use the following resources to help get started:

Need web authoring access?

Use FredQuest to request web authoring access for department or personal pages. If the web page currently exists on the web server, be sure to provide the web address location. Note: You will need to meet with the University Web Content Manager to review website guidelines and policies before access is given.

Need to request web folders for your students?

Use FredQuest and complete a ticket for web services. Please include the names and e-mail addresses of your students, and indicate whether students will be accessing their folders. All student web access is provided via Secure FTP (SFTP). The recommended, free SFTP client is Filezilla, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.





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