ITS Service Center AV Equipment Checkout

Multimedia equipment can be reserved by going to our

Equipment Checkout System

A multimedia equipment reservation can be done online using our Equipment Checkout System. The system can be used by both Faculty and Students who will be using the equipment. Students must still have a Faculty signature for overnight use. Overnight forms are available at the ITS Service Center, W203 Thompson Hall.

Please contact us to arrange consultation and/or instruction on any of the equipment we have to offer.

The following equipment is available for checkout from ITS Service Center:

  • Multimedia "Smart" CartSmart Cart
    Dell Computer with DVD player and USB connection
    NEC Projector
    Zenith VCR/DVD player
  • LCD Projector (for use with Video or Computer*)
    NEC projectors
    * Mac users who will be checking out projector may need a special adapter.
    See our instructions on how to connect a laptop to a projector
  • DVD/VHS Player
    Sony/Zenith DVD/VHS player
    Toshiba Combo TV/DVD - Compact Unit
    Panasonic Combo TV/VHS - Compact Unit
  • Camera/Camcorder
    Kodak Zi8 Digital Camcorder
    Sony HandiCam Camcorder
    Microsoft WebCam
  • DVD Recorders
    Discmakers Reflex MediaCenter (for use in ITS Service Center)
    Reflex DVD recorderSony VRD-MC6 (Faculty Only signout)
  • Audio Recorders
    Tascam DR05 Audio Recorder (MiniSD Card)
    Sangean Digital Voice Recorder (Faculty Only) (SD Card)
    Wollensak 3M Cassette Recorder
  • Flipchart/Easel
  • Screen - Da-Lite/Knox
  • Laptop (Faculty Only)
    MacBook Pro
  • Slide Projector - Kodak
  • Overhead Projector - 3M
  • Elmo Projector
  • Amplified Speaker
    Realistic MPS-20
    Yamaha MS205
    Others available upon request (Faculty Only)
  • Microphone
    Yeti USB mic (Faculty Only)
    Audio-Technica ATR6250 Stereo Microphone
    Audio-Technica Shotgun
    Sennheiser Shotgun
    Shure SM-11 Lavalier
    EV 635A
    Radio Shack PZM
    Others available upon request (Faculty Only)
  • Light Kit
    Lowel Omni with 3 lights/stands (optional screens, gels, umbrellas)
    Lowel Soft Light with 1 light/stand/reflector
    Miniburst LED lightkit
  • Other equipment and cables (please call x3407 for details)
    AC Extension Cord
    AC Extension Cord, 3 Head
    Assorted Audio/Video/Computer cables
    Boombox - JVC/Sony

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