Computer Purchasing Program FAQs

General Questions

Q. Is participation in the computer purchasing program mandatory?
A. Participation is voluntary, yet highly recommended by certain academic departments such as Visual Arts and New Media due to the extensive use of computer tools in the particular major.
Q. Will I be required to bring a computer for classes at Fredonia?
A. While many classes require access to computers, it is not necessary to own your computer due to the number of labs available on campus. As learning systems and the Internet are used more widely, and as our wireless network expands, you will find it desirable to own and use a mobile computing device such as a laptop or tablet pc.
Q. I see computers advertised at lower prices. Why should I buy the models you have recommended?
A. Spend some extra time to compare the features in each model. Quite often the special prices do not include the display, or some other necessary feature.


Q. Where do I obtain software needed for my classes?
Students may purchase Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 (for Windows) directly from Microsoft at a discounted price. Students may purchase Microsoft Office 2008 (for Macintosh) at a discount when purchasing a new Apple computer through Fredonia's Apple Computer Purchasing Program. Antivirus software may be downloaded free of charge by students. Additional statistical software required for certain majors may be available through Fredonia licensing at the ITS Service Center in Thompson Hall.


Q. How do I purchase my computer?
A. A Dell pc or Apple computer may be purchased on line at the links provided here.
Q. Can I purchase a computer at any time?
A. Yes. Delivery takes two to four weeks.
Q. Can I buy more than one?
A. Yes.
Q. Is shipping included in the cost?
A. No. Shipping charges are extra.
Q. Do I need to pay sales tax?
A. Yes. Sales tax is calculated by the vendor based on the billing address for the credit card holder.
Q. Is Financial Aid available to cover the cost of the computer and if so, what are the procedures one must follow?
A. Financial Aid may be available to assist a student with the purchase of a computer but the purchase must be made during the actual period of enrollment at Fredonia. Consequently, if a student is looking to secure financial aid to assist with this purchase, he/she should wait until the semester actually begins.

The student would initiate the securing of Financial Aid process by submitting a letter to the Financial Aid Office requesting an increase to their cost of attendance due to the purchase of a computer/lap-top and would also attach a copy of the bill of sale relating to this purchase. Each request will be reviewed individually by a counselor in the Financial Aid Office and subsequent financial aid will be contingent on a rolling funds available basis.
Q. Will I be able to upgrade the computer processor or speed, or other features of your recommended systems?
A. Yes, you have the ability to upgrade the system or change items such as the notebook carrying case at the time you place your order.


Q. Who do I contact for problems I am having with my computer?
A. Both Dell and Apple provide direct support. The numbers are listed on their specific websites as well as on our warranty/support page.

Campus Connectivity

Q. What will I need to connect to the network in the residence halls?
A. ResNet answers this question on the ResNet website.
Q. What will I need to connect to the wireless network at Fredonia?
A. The configurations we provide through Dell and Apple supply the appropriate wireless card. If you are bringing a previously owned computer, check that it has an 802.11b/g WiFi compliant network card.

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