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ITAB Meetings

ITAB meetings are in Science Center room 321. The next meeting will be held:
April 29, 2016 at 10:00 am

Please note that any interested members of the campus community are welcome to attend ITAB meetings or may submit questions and comments to any ITAB member or directly to the following email address:



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The ITS Executive Board determines the direction of Information Technology at the State University of New York at Fredonia based on institutional mission and priorities, with advice and recommendations from ITAB and the Associate Vice President of Information Technology.


  • President, Virginia Horvath
  • Provost, Terry Brown
  • Vice President of Student Affairs, David Herman
  • Interim Vice President of Administration, Kevin Seitz
  • Interim Vice President of University Advancement, Betty Gossett
  • Associate Vice President for Information Technology/CIO, Stephen Rieks

The Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) is a visionary, planning, working, and advisory board to the ITS Executive Board.


ITAB assists in strategic technology planning.


ITAB standing members represent areas that must be consistently part of the strategic planning process.

ITAB appointed members represent students, faculty, and staff and are appointed for three-year staggered terms. Membership is reviewed annually by the ITS Executive Board.

It is the responsibility of each member to represent institutional stakeholders and to solicit and share information with those stakeholders.

Steering committees are standing sub-committees of ITAB, and are chaired by standing ITAB members.

Task Forces or Project Teams are formulated as necessary to provide evaluation or implementation services. Steering Committees and ITAB meet on at least a monthly basis.

ITAB Membership:


  • Chair: Associate Vice President for Information Technology/CIO, Stephen Rieks
  • College & School Deans: Russ Boisjoly, Christine Givner, Roger Byrne, Ralph Blasting
  • Library Director: Randolph Gadikian
  • Online Learning Coordinator: Lisa Melohusky
  • Project Manager: Janet Mayer
  • Registrar's Office: Kristin Dobmeier
  • Web Coordination: Andrea Wasiura
  • Ex-officio, Associate Provosts: Judith Horowitz, Lisa Hunter
  • Ex officio, Banner Users Group(BUG): Brenda Eaton
  • Ex-officio, ITS Recording Partner: Gale VerHague

Three-year staggered term Appointments:

  • Two student members appointed by the Student Association: vacant

Four faculty members, one from each School or College appointed by Deans: COE-Michael Jabot (August 2017), SOB –Sehan Kim (August 2016), CAS-Bruce Tomlinson (August 2017), CVPA - Todd Proffitt (August 2017)

  • Two members appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs: Dan Tramuta (August 2017) and one vacancy
  • Two members appointed by the Vice President for Administration: Ann Aldrich (August 2016) and one vacancy
  • One member appointed by the Vice President for Advancement: Nicholas Gunner (August 2017)
  • Three ITS members appointed by the Associate Vice President of Information Technology: T. John McCune (August 2017), Ben Hartung (August 2017), and Tylor Cardone (August 2017).

( ) = Term End date


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