Photos of Our Global Citizens

Here you will meet a vibrant group of students: they make the International Studies program truly exceptional. Join them, explore the world, learn and contribute to inter-cultural understanding and international cooperation.

SUNY students in Curitiba Brazil

Fredonia students having a break during an intensive study trip in Curitiba, Brazil, where they learned about urban development. The fieldwork was directed by professor Vassoler in January 2005.


students in Curitiba, Brazil

A guided visit to the New Museum in Curitiba, Brazil (J-Term Study Abroad, 2005)


Students at Environmental University Curitiba

Fredonia students on the campus of the Curitiba Environmental University (Unilivre). Located in the south of Brazil, Curitiba, a state capital, is internationally known for its pursuit of urban sustainability through sensible mass transportation and environmental policies. The study trip Jan 2005) was directed by Dr. Ivani Vassoler.


students in rural mexico

Fredonia students in Malinalco, Mexico, in a fieldtrip to research the effects of NAFTA on rural Mexico (Jan 2006)


Professor Vassoler in Mexico

Professor Ivani Vassoler (left) with the director of El Rincon, a Malinalco-based non-profit organization which supports and educates low-income Mexican children. (Study abroad 2006)


Students at Mexican University

Fredonia students on the campus of the National University of Mexico (Study Abroad, January 2006)


SUNY students in Brazil

In the summer of 2007, a group of 15 Fredonia students participated in a study abroad program in Brazil, visiting 5 cities, where they learned about Brazilian culture, politics and foreign relations. The study trip included an expedition in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Here the group having lunch with faculty members at University Mackenzie, one of Brazil's leading higher education institutions.


students in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Participants of a fieldtrip in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city (summer session 07)


Professor Vassoler in Costa Rica

International Meeting of the Latin American Political Science Association at the University of Costa Rica August 2008


students jamestown virginia

Field trip in Jamestown, Virginia (March 2009)


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